Thursday, October 21, 2010

He may be a caveman, but at least he's MY caveman. . .

(Please note: In an effort to make this as momentous an occasion as possible for my Mister, I am hereby refraining from hopping up on my soapbox to state my opinion on the Caveman - Food Challenge connection. I shall leave that topic for my Doctoral Thesis, should I ever go back to school some day.)

The Mister took the
"Buffalo Wild Wings
Blazin' Challenge."

He went.
He ate.
He kicked its ass.

(Okay, I feel really silly writing that, but I truly think that's how men think when they are running around thumping their chests. And like I said, this is for the Mister, so I'm setting my blogging rules aside just for him.)

Yes, his face is REALLY that red.
It's not the camera or poor lighting.
Because to my (cave)Man's credit,
that sauce is pretty freakin' hot.
And he did scarf down 12 in under 6 minutes.

(And because this is a post to showcase my man and his mad eating skillz, I shall refrain from telling you how, after kicking ass on the challenge, the Mister gave all credit to me since I grew the insanely hot peppers which I turned into Fire Hot Pepper Sauce which provided his training ground for successfully overcoming he BWW Flamin' Challenge.)

feel free to leave your Congratulations
in the Comments section.

(But try not to go too overboard while fawning over this achievement. I do have to live with this man and his ego, after all.)


Sawatzky family said...

HA!! Luv it! Way to go Cliff!!! I am oing to pass tis post along to Shawn I am sure he will want to pass along his caveman congrats to you ;p

Corey said...

Very studly! (How's the flexitarianism going? ;-) ) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think my darling wife is right. A vegetarian diet is healthier. Anything that makes you cry while you eat might be bad for your health.

I should also note that Sarah is right. Her hot peppers were nuclear. If you saw the video, I was screaming while shoving my head underneath the kitchen faucet. And that was just one bite....