Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Biba Kumpliåños & Bon Anivèsè to Miles!

Mr. Miles is now SIX.

This was his SECOND birthday here at home.
How unbelievable is that fact!?!

As many of you know, birthdays for the adopted child hold a mixed bag of emotions for that child. Sometimes the hopes and dreams we parents have for a day of wondrous celebration turn out to be anything but that. We learn early on that low-key is a good thing when it comes to days like birthdays.

While I won't say too much about yesterday (because Mr. Murphy is one nasty S.O.B.), I happily will say that a lovely day was had by all, and this morning after was as smooth as silk (granted, it was one hour from the time they awoke to the time I dropped them off at Kindy. But I'll take it!)

Miles loves his new Kung Zhu hamster, basketball, football and Packers #85 jersey. The Mister took the boys to Sunday's Packer game vs. the Lions (and left the camera at home!), so Miles is now a true Packers fan who bleeds Green & Gold.

Both of my boys are growing so. Especially Keenan. Historically, he has struggled greatly through every birthday celebration that was not his own, doing his best to somehow sabotage the day.

But not yesterday. He was smiley and happy and played well with everyone. And I even have proof! (because truly, I would not have believed it myself had I not been there.)

As for the cake:

As you may know, I am a HUGE believer in having from-scratch cake. Because store cakes are tasteless, and because there is NOTHING in the world that says I Love You like a fabulous homemade cake.

I made Miles an Italian Cream Cake (which is seriously the best cake on the planet) in the shape of a Race Track.

Admittedly, in process, it looks like Hooter's-Inspired Cake of an Adult Nature. The Mister took a peek and said, "WTF?!?"

But have no fear, it was a G-rated cake through and through.

You too should make homemade cake for those you love. And seriously, it can't look any worse than the ones I create, right?

But you know what? While it looks like a completely Nightmare to me, to a kid's eye, the cakes we make look Magnificent.

And in the end, who cares what it looks like, because it tastes so freaking good.

Happy Birthday, Miles!
We love you.


Kelly said...

That cake ROCKS!!! if we weren't three hours away (and several days LATE) and not total strangers to you I would so be at your door with a plate and fork in hand...cuz Bubba would LOVE that cake!
glad to find your blog... said...

Very cool cake Sarah! I love that you love to make these wonderful cakes from scratch, sorry can't share the enthusiasm though, Morelson dug his most likely cancer causing store bought cake! There is always next year for me, I had better start planning and practicing now. I think I have a kid that lives outside of all the "adoption = he should act like this, or this, or this box" Morelson LOVED, and LOVED and LOVED some more his huge birthday bash, he would have been bummed to do it any other way. I will say just this week though which was a couple of weeks past his birhtday he said to me "did I come from my Haiti mom's tummy or yours?" He knows the answer to that question of course, but it was his way of recognizing the past. On his b-day I made a special thing out of saying to him in private of course, we are going to let this balloon go and maybe just maybe your mama in Haiti will see it and know we are thinking of her and that we love her for giving you life and allowing you to come here to be our son. It was a quiet moment as he said nothing, just watched the sky for a long time and looked back at me and told me not to cry. He is such a sweet boy just as your Miles is! Happy Birthday Miles!