Monday, October 25, 2010


Atticus and I have been sick now for 2 weeks.

I myself have not left the house for nearly a week, with the exception of our excursion to Urgent Care this weekend.

My poor boy has broken out head to toe in hives, and we're working hard at trying to find the cause, how to heal him, and how to keep him comfortable in the meanwhile.

Today, I placed myself on bedrest. For the past two weeks, I have tried to rest here and there, but funny how children, homeschool, mealtime responsibilities, laundry and comforting sick children quickly sidetracked those resting plans.

I tried to get up this morning and take care of everyone. Showered the boys, made some lunches, scheduled Atticus' doctor appointment for the afternoon. But after that, I was done.

I am devoting today to sleeping, resting, reading and drinking as many fluids as my bladder can tolerate. My feet are only hitting the floor to transport me the 15 steps to my bathroom and 15 steps back to the bed.

I need to get rid of this bug, once and for all. Because if Mama can't take care of herself, Mama can't take care of anyone else either.

From my bed, I can hear the Mister downstairs with Hatfield, Atticus and Paloma. He's trying hard to home school the kids. Hatfield, being in 6th grade, is quite self-sufficient, as she knows how to follow the weekly plans.

But right now, he's trying to figure out how to bounce back and forth between Atticus and Paloma. He's reading to Atticus, but struggling to find a way to keep Paloma otherwise engaged in an activity (other than his usual standby of TV.) Then he's realizing that he has to set up Atticus with independent work so that he can work with Paloma on her reading program.

Homeschooling multiple children at multiple levels, really, is no more than juggling. It's just that you're juggling a LOT of balls, and some of those balls can wiggle, interrupt and have plans that do not necessarily line up with your intentions. :)

Impossible? Most certainly not. But it takes practice. Lots and Lots of practice (I'm still practicing, 4 years later. . .)

While I am so very, very appreciative of his help, I also think it's good that he has these "opportunities" to run the homeschool for a day. As a little reminder of what I do, day in and day out. When we have a chance to walk in each other shoe's, it allows our empathy and understanding to grow.

Plus, I think the Mister is totally cute when he's frazzled :)

So, here's to a week of better health, less hives and a return to our normal routine.

(As I finished typing this, Paloma came up to my room, carrying a baggie of snap peas and dragging her huge reading primer with her. "Daddy said you love to read with me so I should come up here because you love it," she dutifully tells me.

Apparently, the Mister is better at handling this multi-tasking/juggle issue than I thought.)


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

omg, that picture looks just like me right now! This is a death plague, for sure.

bbbunch said...

I'm so sorry that you (and Atticus) aren't feeling well. I hope you are able to rest up and feel better soon!

I think you are SO right about it being good to trade roles for a little while. After my surgery, with Beau stepping in and doing the at-home (isn't THAT an oxymoron?) parenting, it was like music to my ears to hear him say..."today kicked my ass, I do NOT know how you do this every day." Angels sang. It was glorious. ;)

Wish there was something I could help you with dear, but unfortunately, feeling yucky myself
:( I guess we didn't get the "memo" about it being unlawful for Moms to get sick?

Love you!

Sawatzky family said...

Be healed friend! We will be praying for a speedy and full healing for you and Atticus.

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling makes me realize one thing-

our liquor and wine holdings are insufficient!

Really, what you do is remarkable (and to me almost impossible). Walking in your shoes is tough.

With much respect, awe, and admiration,
Mr. Not-as-good-as-mom