Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ready for Realrings

On Monday morning, Paloma woke up and announced that she was ready for "Realrings."

Realrings is Po-speak for Earrings. As opposed to "Snaprings," which are clip-ons.

After a quick call to my fabulous BFF Becky, a bad-ass mom who holsters an ear gun and has the honor of piercing all the little ears of her large family (and we are part of that family, as I insisted that she and her sister adopt me into it), we were on our way.

Here is Paloma before, with her "Frozen Ducky," a friendly resident of our freezer who is called upon for every owie, mosquito bite and pre-piercing duty that befalls the 5FC abode.

Becky is a rock-steady, calming sort of gal, and Paloma was completely at ease in her hands. She told Paloma what was happening, and while she was setting up each ear, she would glance my way and then lovingly say,

"Let your breath out, Sarah. We're not ready quite yet," because she is a good friend who didn't want me passing out.

Because your mom passing out while getting your ears pierced? That's not a traumatic event at all.

But clearly, the trauma was mine alone to bear, because does this look like a traumatized face?

I think not.


geralyn said...

If you were really a cool, hip mama, you would get her diamonds for her beautiful little ears!!! That girl is!

bbbunch said...

I AM pretty bad-ass! And, by the way, I was less concerned about you passing out in general, than you passing out and taking Po with you, you know? THAT would be traumatic!!!

SO happy to beautify another girl in the fam ;) (Sorry that my pre-dinner messy kitchen is in your picture background for all time. At least there aren't any pictures of me with my post-shower towel on my head!)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Still crying, several days later...

(I am crying, that is!)

Sawatzky family said...

Congrats on the realrings Po!!!!
And honestly could she be any goodness she is just stunning!