Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first FO in years

Way back in August of 2007, I began knitting a very cute yellow market, with the intent of both finishing the knitting and felting the bag that year.

This past weekend, I finished that bag. To put the time frame into perspective, it took longer for me to finish the bag than it took for us to finish our Haitian adoption.

But whatever. It's done!

When you knit a felted bag, the bag pre-felting is quite large compared to the finished project.

Here is the bag pre-felting.

Dropping it into a hot, sudsy washing machine (always with a prayer to the Felting Gods to please let all that knitting be for "knot" (so knitty witty am I).

Checking compulsively on my project. Before it begins to tighten/felt, it first relaxes and becomes monstrously huge.

The camera batteries died, so directly jump to the finished project do we (ever have a day where your internal voice sounds like Yoda? I blame it on having 3 sons. But better to sound like Yoda than look like Yoda, I think. Although after yesterday's run and I feel kind of all hunched over and shuffly, so I guess I'm channeling him more than I'd like to admit.)



Anonymous said...

How about a burgundy felt dinner jacket? This Mr. would look dynamite wearing that while eating a breakfast f Scotch and waffles!

-Mr. Proud of His Knitting Wife

geralyn said...

Lady you got some talent!!

My mom died 3 years ago and when she did we had to clean out the house. We found so much stuff that made us laugh until we cried and ALMOST wet our panties. Some of what we found were things she started sewing for me when I was about 6 years old. There must have been a dozen outfits still with patterns pinned on them. Somehow, she never managed to get past the pin-the-pattern-on-the-Holly Hobby-fabric phase.

Hat's of to you for completing a project!

Amy said...