Friday, September 10, 2010

I blame it on The Nester

During the several years we spent waiting on our Haitian sons, I developed a deep affinity for any and all things Nester.

(This post isn't to slam her. I think she's adorable and wish I could be IRL friends! Plus, despite my tongue-in-cheek post title, I take full responsibility for the inane amount of dusting I created for myself.)

In those months I sat yearning for my little boys, I took all that maternal anguish and longing and applied it to home projects. And the blogging world is full--and I mean full--of awesome home making blogs like the Nester and Kimba and The Inspired Room. Everywhere I turned I found more food for home making thought.

So I feasted.

After several years of pigging out, I decided that I need to put my house on a diet.

The past two days and tomorrow as well, I have spent my time at my mom's having a rummage sale, selling all of that stuff. And then some.

Because with 5 warm and little and yet rapidly growing bodies (and some not so little at all anymore--because Miss Hatfield is now taller than my mom and my sister), plus their articles, plus our homeschooling materials, plus--did y'all know that the Mister works from a home office, too?-- we are finding that just all of that can take up a sizeable amount of space.

In the end, I decided our life is quite "full" as it is, even without all my adorable Nester-inspired articles.

I kicked my Nesting habit a good 15 months ago, and haven't hit any of those sites since. Instead, lately, I spend my time reading sites about minimalism and living simply.

Instead of having a 'cozy' little nest filled with tassels and glass jars of seashells (and man, I had a lot of those, because they are so sweet, and I love seashells) and lots of little trinkets to dust (and dust and dust again), I dream of having large expanses of gleaming hardwood floors and not having to dust anything, except the piano, the coffee tables and my floors.

It doesn't take a house bearing several perfectly arranged table-scapes to be a home. And I'm pleasantly finding that by getting rid of stuff--even the organizing 'stuff' to turn your clutter into organized clutter (because you can't organize clutter--it's still clutter), you actually have more time and peace of mind to spend your moments on the things that matter most--like your family and life experiences.

Thus far, I'm taking in a considerable haul from all I'm selling, which pleases me. I have enough to perhaps purchase flooring for the dining room. Sadly, I wish I would have been on this kick several years ago, because I could have easily floored the entire dining room/living room/foyer, had I not gotten caught up in all the fuss in the first place.

Yet live and learn. And for now, I feel like I'm doing both. Which isn't that bad of a spot to be in, with or without gleaming hardwood floors.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

HA! I have a bunch of seashell stuff too and though I love it, I curse at it every time it has to be dusted/cleaned up. That would the the twice a year that we have the in- laws here.
In fact I think the last time I tossed a bunch of broken shells and put the few leftover ones in with the fish. Silly shells!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great. Thank you for heading up the effort to get rid of unessential (although often very nice) things. This helps reduce the places I will misplace my stuff in!

By the way, have you seen my wagonwheel coffee table? I can't seem to find it....


bbbunch said...

I've been brainstorming big-family simplicity ideas. Let's get together over an adult beverage and have a meeting about this.

Very Officially Yours,

Sawatzky family said...

If this post was on FB I would "like" it! ;p