Monday, August 30, 2010

Because I'll be durned to let 84 days go to waste. . .

I am still majorly pissed that a stupid ear infection and tonsillitis sidelined me at the Madison Mini-Marathon earlier this month.

I trained hard for 12 weeks. That's 84 days. I can't count how many of those days were mornings when I was so tired and wanted to curl up under the covers, but instead I hauled my ass out of bed and hit the pavement.

So I'm not gonna let that go to waste. I'm channeling my anger/negative-I-missed-the-Madison-Mini-Marathon energy and putting it towards 4 more weeks of training.

I will attempt the half-marathon at the Fox Cities Marathon on August 19th.

I'll be running alongside of (okay, waaaayyy behind in reality, but alongside of in spirit) my wonderful friend Angie.

To completely optimize the experience, my Mister and my kidlets will be there at the finish line.

And I will finish.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to leading five kids of assorted ages in screaming and cheering supermom at the finish line!


bbbunch said...

Of course you will! YAY! Go Sarah ;)

Corey said...

I'm really behind in my blog reading.. but I'm SOOOO excited to hear your race report for your first half!! xoxo