Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interrupting the Hiatus to Bring You This News. . .

Hatfield just scored the Winning Goal for her soccer team, and the win put them in the Finals tomorrow morning!!!

The game was tied up 1-1, and in the fourth quarter Hatfield was able to bring the ball down from midfield (she's a forward) and score. Whooohooo!!!

I am SOOOOO proud of my girl. This year she and her friend Emily moved up to the U-15 league (for 12, 13 & 14-year olds), and Hatfield is the second youngest girl on the team (she turned 12 less than a month before the cut-off.)

All 6 of us were there to cheer her on, and we're definitely the loudest family on the sidelines (Haitian & Chamorro kids know how to holler. Heck, they holler when they're just talking, so when they YELL, they REALLY YELL!)

Sign-In begins tomorrow morning at 7:15 sharp, so we're off to a great dinner and early bedtime here. Wish her luck for tomorrow morning!


Sawatzky family said...

Woot Woot! Go get 'em Hati! :)

Corey said...

YAY! (I'm so glad you broke the hiatus. I was dying without you! I mean really? TWO WEEKS?! Cruel & unusual, girl.)