Monday, July 05, 2010

In other news. . .

So, I'm still training for the half-marathon that I'm running next month in Madtown. I'm attempting this through the help and wisdom of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Plan for Novices.

The Good News: So far, I've completed all weeks except the week when the Mister was in Vegas and I was at home parenting children whom I could not leave to a babysitter. And I don't have a jogger stroller that would hold 110 pounds of children. Not that I really want to run while pushing 110 pounds of children anyways.

The Bad News: I'm not a big fan of those pesky "strengthen and stretch" and "strengthen and cross train" days. I run 3 days/week because if I run more than that, I will injure myself. Don't push yourself to injury! Because if you are injured, the plan is shot. Best to work up to things. But I do ride my bike quite a bit, and that counts as "cross training," and surely doing like a billion loads of laundry a week has to count as cross training as well, right?

The Good News: I've learned how to tie my shoes in a totally wickedly awesome way called The Runner's Tie. The super cute guy at the Running Feet store showed me how when he was helping me find the perfect shoes. I feel SO Cool now that I know this special way of lacing my shoes. Even though I will never be fast enough to run in the Green Bay Running Club (b/c they are elitist, but that's a whole 'nother post), I find great joy in the fact that I am now part of the Cool Kids I-Know-The-Secret-Shoe-Tie Club.

The Bad News: So far, the furthest I've run at one time on this plan (and okay, for the calendar year) is 6.0 miles. Which is keeping in accordance with the Higdon Novice Plan. But, the realization that 6.0 does not even equal half of a half marathon is a bit discouraging. Coupled with the fact that I can hardly walk the morning after my 6 mile run: Oy.

The Good News: This past week, Sunday through Thursday, I ran 14 miles. Which is 0.9 miles further than the distance of a half marathon. So I can run the distance of a half marathon.

Now I just need to squish all those miles from a 5 day timeline down to a 2 hour 30 minute timeline, and I've got it made.


Anonymous said...

You are being modest. You forgot to mention that you are like a match that was just lit up. You started hot and now you are getting hotter!

You look great in your running gear. Very fit, very attractive. You are one good looking mama!

-Mr. Proud

Corey said...

WHAT?! There is a COOL way to tie shoes??!! I don't know it! WAAAAH! I am not a Cool Kid!!

Girl, your training is right on track. Plenty of time. I do not cross train. At all. Ever. Hate it. Refuse to do it. So don't fret about that.

On the other hand, after not running for a month, my current long run is 3 miles. THREE. Craptastic. Let's hope I can get it in gear, and quick.

bbbunch said...

Well...I have nothing. Nothing. I am not/have never been/but I dream about being a runner...but have only done things like get a doctor's note so I didn't have to run the mile in high school (you know, 'cause I broke my ankle in 7th grade?! WTF? Good thinking, doc). Ugh. Someday! I am proud of you though and although I know NOTHING about running...I know YOU and I know that when you put your mind to's as good as done :)

Have fun with your happy feet (and even though I'm definitely NOT a cool kid...can I know the trick to tying shoes? I have kids that are runners...does that count?)

Love you!

P.S. Corey...LOVE the word craptastic. Every time I hear it, it makes me giggle for a good portion of the day :)