Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Only Weekend

Dear Mister,

The girls and I are leaving you at home for the weekend and in charge of our xy-carrying offspring. We will return home early Sunday evening, well past the chance of me having to make dinner for the family upon my return.

To aid you in my absence, I am leaving you with:

* 10 frozen pizzas

* 3 boxes of popsicles

* 2 boxes of junk cereal

* 3 gallons of deck stain

* 1 deck stain application device (see, I really don't know the name for this thing, but "deck stain application device" sounds so much more with it than "doo-hickey", don't you think?)

* 3 large water guns

* 2 boxes of Krispy Cremes

* 1 6-pack of beer

How you choose to utilize these articles is up to you.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of several scenarios, although some would likely be followed up by a call to the police from a concerned neighbor or two.

All that I ask is that I return to a standing house and 3 xy-carrying offspring.

Good luck. Not that I think you'll need it or anything.

The Mrs.


Anonymous said...

For Your Information, we did great! The men kept the deck stain safe from the elements (that's what we were supposed to do, right?), ate the Krispy Cremes/Pizza/Popsicles/junk food, and kept the beer on hand in case of emergency.

No police calls, no scared neighbors (unless you count Mrs. Ruth being concerned because our dogs were dying from the heat after walking the length of our own front yard), and best of all, no disasters... Did I mention the boys and I decided to redecorate? We had a do-it-yourself project: making all of the carpet in the family room Kool Aid red. :) You will love it!

-Mr. Mom

bbbunch said...

Only a 6 pack? LOL