Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Full Court Press

The Cruz Family "just" received word that our dearly beloved Swat Team (of the Feet First link on the right) is moving back to Green Bay.

We are besides ourselves with Giddy Giddy Joy Joy.

It's rare in life when you find ENTIRE families who your own ENTIRE family loves and enjoys and connects with. The Swat Team is this to our family.

So, in an effort to convince the Swat Team to move to our Green Bay Neck o' the Woods, I hereby am instigating a Full Court Press entitled,

Allouez, All the Way
(for those who don't live here,
Allouez is pronounced Al-0-Way,
so my Full Court Press is a somewhat witty play on words,
if I do say so myself--
and I do!)
((Big Eye Roll. But it's early, so humor me))

Seriously, Swat Team! Think about it!
Does Allouez have?:

Friends who love cooking from scratch and are obsessed with recipe sharing? Check!

Friends who blog? Check!

Friends who run? Check!

Friends who love UFC/MMA? Check!

Grown men who like to Ninjitsu and Karate Chop and Hi-Yah kick their way around the yard, neighbors be damned ? Check!

Friends who love Star Wars? Check!

Awesome homeschooling families? Check!

At least two Bootcamp facilities? Check!

Friends whose kids dance and can carpool your kids who dance there? Check!

Friends who house half of the infamous Wyloma Duo? Check!

Allouez, All the Way, Baby! How can you deny such facts? You can't!

* * * * *

Seriously though, June was a good month for connecting with friends (just as the mantra suggested), and July just keeps on getting better! This afternoon I'm hanging with Essie from Accidental Mommy. Next weekend I get to meet Geralyn from Why North Dakota?! I totally made Geralyn and myself matching mugs with our names on them in sparkly letters to hold possible "beverages of an adult nature" at camp because I am an overly-excited dork like that.

At the end of the month, Amy and her crew are roadtrippin' their way through our city.

In August, I'm running a half-marathon with the divine Mz. Waters and Angie and I'm hoping other awesome moms and bloggers join us.

(I'm a shameless name-dropper, yes, I know. Humor me--it's early!)

And shortly after all of that, the Swat Team will be descending upon Allouez.

And you know what I gotta say about all of this?


Corey said...


I wanna move to Allouez!

BTW, I have a mom who wants to drive up to the race from Chicago area.. and run the 5k.. she has 2 little kids.. is there anyone coming that could watch them while she runs? She is an awesome girl and I would love to work this out for her. You can email me..


Corey said...


I wanna move to Allouez!

Hey, I have a mom that wants to drive up to the race (and run the 5k) from Chicago. She has to bring her 2 little kids b/c her husband works weekends. Is there anyone coming that could watch them while she runs? She is a sweet gal and I would love to work this out for her. (Well. Really I would love it if YOU could figure it out FOR me, since you are there and I am in VA!) Can you email me?


Sawatzky family said...

I hope you got my last comment it did something funky when it was was sooooo long lol
I'll check back later incase I need to send it again ;p

Anonymous said...

Seriously? How did you score Essie? The best mommy blogger in the whole kingdom!


Sarah & Crew said...

@ Maria---I know, right!?! Seriously! Through the divine Mz. W and Angie. Essie lives in the same geographical area (but not Allouez, darnit!)

She is even more awesome in person, too. :)