Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Miss Perry on the brain. . .

I'm not a huge avid fan of pop music (I still don't even begin to get Lady Gaga), and I've been told that I'm so "not cool" because I like country, but you know that pop song:

You're hot and then cold
You're yes and then no
You're in and the out
You're up and then down
(etc. etc.)

I was going to attribute it to the Chippettes (those of you living my Squeakel h*ll know what I'm talking about), but then came to find out that it's actually a song of Katy Perry.

Anyhoo, no matter who sings it, I have it on my brain a lot these days, because it's one of the catchy songs and when you're kids play it over and over (and over) again on their Squeakel cd, it kind of sticks on your brain.

And because it reminds me of my little Mr. Miles.

After a rough and rocky series of days, we are enjoying a breather with some great emotional regulation today. Yesterday morning, and afternoon, he was a poor mess, with it being the last day of school and my little man not knowing what to think of it. Just too big of an event for him.

The Triple Threat had soccer last night, but seeing how he just struggled through the whole day, I went with my intuition and kept him home. Knowing he wouldn't be happy about it (he wasn't), I helped him find his favorite Croc shoes and took him out back to the Weed Patch (soon to become the Garden Patch.)

Miles loves to work in the garden. I mean l-u-v-s it. Probably as much as I do.

So together, we worked at pulling up all the weeds. He kept a happy, chirpy running monologue going:

I strong Mommy to pull out these weeds.
That's a good job, Mommy!
Look at all the work we getting done, Mommy!
I gonna go get my red shovel to help my muscles get this Big Daddy Weed out!

I chit chatted and encouraged and we planned on what types of veggies we would put in and where.

After a solid 90 minutes, the crew returned. We chowed down the last of the birthday cake, and the kids were asleep within 15 seconds of hitting their pillow.

Miles awoke this morning, happy and proud. The entire evening was such a good reminder for me that one) this little boy needs a lot of productive, physical activity because it keeps his energy levels regulated and lets him feel useful and proud (so important for my little one with such a low sense of self worth) and two) we need more bonding activities.

Many, many, many thanks to all the wonderful comments, emails and phone calls from all of you about my last post. Arthur, while I'm not sure if I should be flattered or creeped out that you looked me up after all of these years, lol ;) I very much appreciate the exercises and reading suggestion you sent me and will be certainly looking into that therapist/book. Very helpful stuff, and I'm grateful you took the time to comment.

Today is the first true day of summer break. True to form, it is pouring outside! This morning, I let the kids play (trash) the basement. This afternoon, we're off to the library. Tomorrow it will hopefully warm up and we can get all those beans, corn and carrots in the ground.


rubythread said...

Hi Sarah,
I was just directed to your blog by Sara E. I used to check in frequently but since our kids came home 4 months ago I haven't had much time for surfing :) Anyway, I was just asking Sara for advice about our son peeing all over the house and she told me it is undoubtedly attachment related and told me to get in contact with you as you have obviously been dealing with the same stuff. Our boys are also from PAC...

Melanie said...

Hello! Just checking in and catching up! We are having withdrawl from your family and need to get together....I just don't know where the time goes! Ev wants some Hattie time bad - -and now that it is SUMMER we'll have to make it happen ;-)

Talk to you soon!

bbbunch said...

Katy Perry, huh? I always wondered who she was. I totally would have gone with the Chipettes :)

Love working in the garden with my little garden buddies (currently: Bella, with a strong interest brewing in Lilly). So glad that you have found something that the two of you enjoy doing together! I can just hear him saying those things too with that big, beautiful smile on his face :)

Woo-hoo! Tomorrow is the last day of school for the bunch here...looking forward to summer break! Hope to see a lot of you guys :)

Love you!