Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Our dear sweet Hatfield Louise turned 12 on Sunday. This year she shared her special day with Father's Day, and I felt overcome with joy and gratitude the entire day, as it was a day to celebrate two of the my most special, favorite, and influential people.

12 years ago, I was a very young, scared silly 23-year old girl, suddenly a mom with a perfect baby girl to call her own. After living in a rather self-destructive manner for a number of years, Hatfield gave me a new life and new hope. In so very many ways, I think she saved my life.

Nearly 10 years ago, I married the Mister, who adopted Hatfield as his own a year into our marriage. An inseparable father and daughter team, these two belong together and I couldn't--and wouldn't--want to imagine a life without them.

Hatfield simply adores the Alice in Wonderland story, movie, what have you. So this year I made her a crazy cake fit for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

This is the biggest cake I have made to date. Serving size: 36, but our crew managed to demolish it in matter of days. Six layers of Italian Cream Cake, which is perhaps the most delectable cake on the planet (find the recipe Here. )

It didn't turn out picture perfect, and I could probably make a more visually pleasing cake if I learned the art of fondant, but that's okay. I learned a long time ago that what may look cruddy to the eyes of a picky adult looks breathtakingly fabulous to a child.

We let Hatfield decide her birthday activities for the day, and she chose to go jet-skiing at Kelly Lake. Uncle Elmo recently acquired this water toy, and she couldn't wait to go for a spin.

Happy Birthday,
Sweet Hattie Lou.
Every year with you has been a gift.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my princess. She is truly a joy to watch growing up and is, inside and out, a beautiful person.

We are spoiled to have such a wonderful daughter!


bbbunch said...

I am so choked up! Beautiful daughter, beautiful cake, beautiful post. How fitting that Hattie & Cliff shared a special day :)

Happy birthday Miss Hattie! You are truly one of the nicest 12 year old girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We love you!

The Bristol Bunch