Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Already Bad Week Just Keeps Getting Worse . . .

* Miles has left his room-- hooray! But he is no longer potty trained--boo!

* Cliff is in Vegas for work for the week-- hooray! for him. Boo! for me. (Seriously, though, I'm glad he's gone, because he's gonna need the rest to prepare for the MAJOR break he needs to give me upon his return.)

* Cliff's company each year has a Summit Club Team, where they take the top 5% of their sales force away for an overly-indulgent, all-expense paid, week-long trip to a luxury hotel in some exotic destination. This year it's in a private cove on some Hawaiian Island.

3 years ago, the trip was to London. London! Oh, that Man o' Mine wanted that trip soooooooo badly he could taste it.

They took the top 20 reps in his division.
He came in at #21.

Wanna know what happened this year?
Hint: History repeats itself.

I could feel his disappoint all the way from Vegas. Poor guy.

And now for the REALLY Bad, Horrible thing:

* Yesterday I was hosting the Boone crew. Our big front yard tree hosts two swings and some gymnastic rings. Amandine, Jill's 7-year old Haitian daughter, was ALL over those rings. She's quite amazing and graceful.

But, as they were getting ready to leave, something happened and she completely dropped onto the ground from a good 7-8 feet up in the air.

She was within 3 feet of me and I heard it. Her arm. And then Amandine's reaction. No screaming, just a sick, painful wimper/moan. The child turn grey-green.
Which becomes a pre

In a matter of moments, Jill was getting Amandine a blanket and into the house. I hopped on Jill's bike (trailer and all) and raced over to her house . When you live a street over from your good friend, you just bike over with your kids, sans purse, keys or vehicle. I grabbed her purse and keys (which Jill had so conveniently left on her counter, all put together nicely. I now pledge to be forever organized like she is!), and raced her car back to her house.

I kept the little Boone's, and Jill and Noah took Amandine to the hospital, where Brent met them from work.

3 years ago, Noah had a horrific freak accident fall and broke his arm/elbow, which required surgery. The entire ordeal was horrible, required follow up surgeries, further complicated by infections.

The surgeon said Noah's injury was a 1-in-a-million break.

Guess what?
Hint: Brent and Jill should probably be buying up a bunch of lottery tickets.

Poor Amandine. Exact same break. Hopefully with a complication-free followup.

She just got out of surgery. If you can, say some prayers for little Amandine and her family. Jill is wiped out and feeling horrible about the entire thing. They could really use a boost right now.

* * * *

Seriously, though, the tide has to change at some point. Right?



Katy said...

Oh no.....:( Poor Amandine and poor Mom and Dad. Just taking a rare and quick glimpse at blogs and so sad to read this. Sending my prayers their way. My girl has taken a few small tumbles in the last few days, and I am praying for nothing major. She has accident-prone written all over her because she NEVER stops moving! :/

Janet said...

Praying for both of your families!

geralyn said...

OMG girlfriend, you have had a horrible, rotten, no good, terrible run of bad luck. I sure hope Amanadine feels her normal bouncy self soon again.

Just count the days until our Haitian get-away and we can compare disaster notes. I've got so many I hope to make you feel like a beginner in the realm of catastropes!

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife,
I am proud of the strength and love you are showing in handling this difficult, week-long situation. I will be home soon to help you out and give you a break from everything that is going on.

With love, respect, and adoration,

Lisa said...

Oh no! Poor sweet Amandine, I'm sitting here first thing in the morning reading this w/ Morelson snuggled up next to me and when I told him he said "I'm said for Amandine." I said me too and I'm said for her mommy and her mommies friend who feels awful about this whole thing. Glad you were there to help!

Corey said...

OTOH, the injury can be a good attachment/bonding thing for Amandine & Mom. I say that with all sincerity. She will need lots of Mom's help and may actually feel bad enough to accept it.

So sorry for the Mister. Being SO CLOSE sucks giant donkey balls.

Maybe you can "win" a trip to scenic New England.

bbbunch said...

Oh my gosh! I have goosebumps! We will definitely be keeping them in our prayers!

Sorry about the trip :(

Love you!