Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things I Wish I Learned Before I was in My Mid-30's

* If a spider bites you and you think the rash you develop is ringworm, it isn't. Go and see a doctor before your infected arm begins to ooze itself into oblivion.

* Better to chow down a bowl of your least favorite cereal for dinner than take 5 children to the grocery store at 4:45 pm.

* Summer is short. Walk around your gardens each evening with a glass of wine or cup of tea or margarita, gazing at what is growing, and visit with your neighbors on the porch or even over the fence.

* Never underestimate the healing power of a bedtime story.

* In your twenties, buy a mixer from Goodwill. Then save your pennies and buy a KitchenAid. A KitchenAid is a miracle in and of itself. Buy one in a fun color. You will be able to pass it down to one of your children.

* Same with cookie sheets. Better to buy one excellent $25 sheet that will be going strong after 5 years than buy several $5 Target ones that are health-hazards within a calendar year.

* Pride goeth before a fall. Hard. Every time.

* Sex is a great escape that strengthens your marriage, relieves stress and feels frickin' awesome. So why not have as much as you can, when you can?

* Never take out a perennial garden and replace it with grass, thinking the grass will be less maintenance. It won't be, and you'll be replacing it in 2 years with another perennial garden.

* No one cares what your house looks like. And your kids will trash it anyways. Focus on making it a home instead.

* Little things like buying fun and different Popsicles make a summer for kids.

* You can never fake that you practiced your violin at a violin lesson. So don't even try.

* Read trashy novels and watch trashy tv and be proud of it. Cheap, easy escapes should never be underestimated.

* No matter how wonderful your skin is in your 20s, it will lose elasticity in your 30s. It will. So be prepared. Buy the high quality sunscreens, even if you are cheap, and start taking pharma-grade Omega 3-6-9's.

* Don't give a flying f**k about what anyone else thinks. You are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions, however unpopular they may be. My Mister has been telling me this for 10 years. And he's right (see that, Babe? I can totally admit when you are right!)

* A good haircut and cute shoes feel great.

* Everything is a season. Some are long. Some are short. But it's just a season. So relax and try and enjoy what you can.


Sawatzky family said...

I raise my glass to you dear friend! :)... and by glass I mean diet pepsi max because even though I know it turns to something yucky in my body I must have one every morning!
Great list!

geralyn said...

Amen, sistah! I loved 'em all, but really loved the one about a good haircut and cute shoes. I love to indulge in shoes. A fettish, maybe. Necessary, you bet!

Corey said...

I would add:
*Buy a good vacuum. Kids are dirty. Pets are dirty. Bad vacuums suck, but they do not suck dirt.

*Women are the toughest human beings I could ever have imagined. I never was one for many girlfriends. Now I would go into battle surrounded by one of a hundred of my girlfriends ANY DAY.

*Stand by your man. Put the time into a marriage. Yes, it is work, so WORK IT. Get counseling. It works. I cannot imagine ever having to start over.

*A few pairs of GOOD shoes is better than many pairs of crappy shoes.

*Sarah Cruz rocks the Casbah.

bbbunch said...

Have I mentioned my love for you lately???

I am nodding my head and laughing/agreeing with this entire post.

Today, when the piano teacher arrived I announced "how about some THEORY today?" (which is code for: we didn't practice AT ALL this week ;)

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I like the sex advice. ;)

I agree with the haircut but can't relate to the cute shoes. :)

You remind me of that graduation song (Baz Luhrman)- full of wisdom with the emphasis at the end of "trust me on the sunscreen".

You do have great skin- you take good care of it very well.

Yes, you do rock the Casbah. And you do it very well!!

-Mr. happy

Lisa said...

Love, love, love the list agree w/ it all and would add: buy one very nice long wool dress coat. You'll look amazing all winter long in it!