Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Survey Says

What's that saying? If you wanna know a person, don't ask that person but those closest to them? . . is that even a saying? Beats me.

Now, you may think you know all about me, because, I dunno, I'm self-absorbed enough to write 752 posts about me and my life on a blog.

Alas, you all have so much to learn! And apparently, I have so much to learn about myself, too.

Thankfully, I have my children to help me (and you) out.

For Mother's Day, my Triple Threat made me cards at 4-K. On the front is a very pretty handprint flower, and on the inside, my children filled out a form called "All About My Mom." Here are their answers. (I did take the my writer's liberty of rebuttal, which you'll find in the parenthesis below their responses.)

All About Mom
by Keenan

My mom's name is Mommy.
(Off to a good start, my boy!)

Her favorite color is Yellow.
(Whoa! 2 for 2!)

Her favorite food is Rice.
(By now, Keenan's thinking: enough about my mom, let's talk about me!)

Mom's favorite restaurant is McDonald's.
(Seriously, WTF?!?!?)

Mom's favorite game to play is Cards.
(I'm a closet gambler.
I feel so much better putting that out there on my blog.)

Her favorite TV is Movies.
(Not really,
but I am fond of putting a movie on
if it guarantees me 30 minutes of peace)

My favorite thing to do with my mom is Just Play.
(Awwww. . . )

For Mother's Day, my mom would like Flowers.

My mom is Awesome because She Makes Me Lunch.
(Funny he says that,
because he is my kid who never eats lunch
unless I threaten no school, no play, no etc.)

All About Mom
by Miles

My mom's name is Sarah Cruz.
(so he did listen to me!)

Her favorite color is White.
(I'm guessing he mistook for my race.
Cause I'm white,
And he's chocolate,
and Cousin Maisie is pink)

Her favorite food is Salad.

Mom's favorite restaurant is The Ducky Restaurant.
(Apparently, my boys missed the memo that Mom is a vegetarian)

Mom's favorite game to play is The Matching Game
(he means Memory.
And I must be a very good actress
because I'd rather pluck my eye out with a spork than play Memory.
But I play it every day,
and over
and over

Her favorite TV show is Elf
(You sit on a throne of lies.
You smell of meat and cheese.)

For Mother's Day, my mom would like A Race Car
(Miles made it 7 questions before
he decided to bring it back to himself.
I shall bequeath him more in my estate
than Keenan or Paloma.)

My Mom is Awesome because She Gives Us Nice Food
(I'll remember you said that
the next time I serve you brussel sprouts, kid)

All About Mom
by Paloma
(Why was I a bit scared to open my card
and see what Po wrote?)

My mom's name is Sarah
(I'm just grateful she didn't say,
No match for me.)

Her favorite color is Yellow.
(Wow, Po!)

Her favorite food is Salad.
(Yes, I do like salad)

Mom's favorite restaurant is The One What Talks Like the Boys andThe One That Likes Me.
(she's referring to Los Magueyes.
She is treated like Princess Paloma there.
The wait staff, who all have strong accents,
often carried her around while she was a toddler,
talking to her,
giving her treats and showing her off.

Mom's favorite game to play is Ring Around the Rosie.
(do I even know that one?!?)

Her favorite TV show is The Packer Game. She Loves It.
(I'm laughing so hard I can't even bring myself to respond.)

My favorite thing to do with my mom is I love to sneak into her bed and sleep next to her.
(What the heck does she mean, sneak?
The kid comes in with banners and a 21 gun salute!
I haven't had a full nights sleep in over 4 years!

For Mother's Day my mom would like A Heart of Chocolate or Chicken.
(As Atticus would say:
Mom wants a Chicken Heart?!?

My Mom is Awesome because She Loves Me and Gives Me Chocolate
(Whoever said bribery is bad was stupid.
It's working here, folks!)


Corey said...

My boy said my favorite food is chocolate. He gets big points.

geralyn said...

Man alive, your kids totally out did themselves. Mine made some interesting cards and then had a fight over whose card I thought was best.

I laughed so hard reading all about you that I snorted.

Can't wait to throw back a drink with you in 2 months!! YAHOO

Salzwedel Family said...

Ha ha ha...these were all great! I didn't picture you for a McDonald's girl (snort, snort).

Anonymous said...

I think the kids did a nice job of saying "I love you" in a roundabout way. They may even know you better than you think, you Mcsalad loving person, you!

:) Mr. I love you

bbbunch said...

You've been outed you McD's girl! LOL!!!

Love it :)