Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shotgun Update

* We opened up Camp at Kelly Lake this weekend, and the temp nearly hit 90. This means Summer has Officially Begun. We also have nice but very crazy neighbors. I mean like certifiable c-r-a-z-y. Should make the trailer park pretty interesting, I tell ya.

* I am so my Polish Grandma Fran's granddaughter. Last week I took apart our entire King-sized bed so I could Dyson under the entire thing. Plus I moved all of our (heavy) dressers and Dyson'd underneath those as well. All things I haven't done in the 4 years we have lived in our home (hey! The furniture is truly heavy) 3 canisters full of dog hair, cat fur, dust and dander. That part probably doesn't do Fran proud, but if I weren't genetically related to her, it likely would have never occured to me to clean so thoroughly and obsessively.

* I don't know if this makes me a Good Mom or a Bad Mom, but I promised Hatfield and Atticus that when they finish this year's curricula, I will buy them each a DSi. I hate video games, especially those little handheld things, but they have long been asking, and they are good about keeping usage of that stuff within my guidelines. I refuse to let them do the pre-texting thing with each other, because we are related and live in the same house which means we talk to each other, but other than that,I feel okay with it. In school, we had hit a slowdown, and I thought it would be a great way to jump start things. I wasn't wrong. They are blowing through some of the tough work which had them down. So I guess I'm a smart Mom, but the ethics good/bad thing is still up in the air.

* Seriously, could Glee get any better?!?! And Doogie Howser?!? LOVE him!

* It's probably disrespectful to refer to N.P.H. as Doogie Howser, but I mean no disprespect. I was just the age when D.H.M.D. was on the air and I had a mega-crush on the lad. So my whole tweeny-crush on him began then, and it continues now.

* Miles has really gone through a huge amount of emotional growth and is like a different child. We have our moments, oh yes, but my Lord, it's nothing like it was.

* Yet alas, lest you think we could get away with just one of them going through all this muck? Now our little Keenan is now going through a lot of anger and grieving. It is so heartbreaking, although I know that it's all things he needs to go through. Some days absolutely suck, with a capital S-U-C-K. But, I understand more this time, and I feel hopeful. I'm growing just as much, if not more, than they are. What a learning experience of a lifetime, although I would have been fine having gone through it just once.

* On the TMI front, something bit my arm and now I have ringworm. It's horrible and itchy and burns and absolutely horrible. Ewww. Also, I have been sick for the past 13 days. First I had the stomach flu. That was fun. Now I have a horrible chest/sinus cold. And no voice. My kids think the no voice thing is awesome.

* We have new friends who have a daughter Hatfield's age, a son Atticus' age, the husband loves UFC, and the girlfriend is a hoot. The winter was so rough on us, as a family, and it is nice to breathe some new life and fun and friends into us.

* Last year I was in a rummage sale with my BFF Becky B. at her home. I got rid of a TON of cwap. So much so that I thought, no way can I be in a rummage sale next year (2010), because I got rid of it all. So. Wrong. So. So. So. Wrong. Cwap multiples. Because next week the Mister will be carting over twice as much stuff for us to sell. Shameful.

* Would you rather be a Spartan Soldier or a Ninja? Why? Atticus would like to know.


Corey said...

a) Who is NPH? His name IS Doogie Houser, M.D. This is Fact. I was there, it was on television, it must have been real.

b) Ninja. Without hesitation. Fast, agile, no one can hear me coming.

Anonymous said...

Ninja, definitely. "Deadliest Warrior", the tv show, came up with the wrong answer as to which would win a fight. Ninjas rule (and look cool too!)


Amy said...

I guess I'd rather be a ninja. But my body would break if I tried any cool ninja moves.