Monday, May 03, 2010

Quote of the Day

Our Triple Threat (minus Keenan) started soccer this evening.

Upon it's finish, Miles was exhausted from running up and down the field, a constant blur because he can run faster than any kid there.

(I'm being serious; this is the truth and not just a Mama Brag. Granted, it is also that, but it's genuinely the truth. The boy can R-U-N)

Paloma was exhausted because she spent the evening doing the Soccer-Shake-Your-Booty-Dance on the field while watching the other kids play.

(Unfortunately, I'm also being serious here. I'm sure every other adult out there was watching Po and thinking, "Huh, I bet that kid's mother is a Pole Dancer.")

Miss Mighty Po, upon returning to the car clutching the coveted chocolate chip granola bar given out as the team treat, remarked:

"Whew. I need to eat this chocolate to make me feel like myself again."

Man, I love that kid.


bbbunch said...

LOL! Love it! I remember watching Mikah when he first started T-Ball right before he turned 5...picking dandelions, throwing his hat up in the air and covering his face with his glove (like a mask). Now he's a baseball machine *sniff*.

Seriously...your pole dancer comment was the first thing to make me laugh this morning...and I NEEDED it! SO funny!

Was Keenan not interested?

Love you and miss you!

Sarah & Crew said...

Keenan was interested, but a boy who bites his Mama is a boy who does not play soccer (at least for that day) :)

Corey said...

Ah, Po. I say the same thing, on pretty much a daily basis.

bbbunch said...

Gotcha...I too am anti-biting :)