Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Paloma's Soccer Debut

A few notes about this video:

1) She did not learn the dance from me.

2) The kids were playing Sharks and Minnows, which is why everyone is running around haphazardly (although my daughter is just standing there). We do understand the basics of the actual game up nort' here.

3) Notice Miles in the background, streaking by. I tried panning him a few times but he was too hard to track on my camera.

4) Again, contrary to whatever the Mister posts in the Comments section, Paloma did not learn the dance from me.

We are SO proud.


Anonymous said...

Funny enough, but Po reminds me very much of Atticus and his first year of soccer- the dancing, hamming it up, etc. Unfortunately, we don't have footage of that so only Po will have incriminating evidence that we will happily use to embarrass her when she is older. :)

Maybe Sarah didn't teach her per se, but I can vouch for Sarah's ability to shake it like a poloraid picture! (Does that reference make me old?)


Corey said...

Hmm. We have seen the Mister's prom pictures. So I THINK we know where Po gets it from, don't we? Hey, Ya. ;-)

Melanie said...

That is awesome! And I love Miles zooming around in the background.

bbbunch said...

Shake it like a Polaroid? That's awesome! Yeah...I'm thinking after those sweet Prom pics, she DEFINITELY got it from you Mr. C.