Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's Mine, All Mine!

Insert evil victory laugh (here.)
Please excuse me while I wholly and unapologetically neglect my mothering, household, wifely and blogging duties while I happily devour the 10th book from the most delicious vampire series ev-ah.

Upon my return I shall explain why Sookie Stackhouse and the accompanying tv series saved my sanity and made me a better mother, nicer wife, faster runner and cleared up my complexion all at the same time.

(Okay, I'm lying about the complexion part, but I happen to think this series is just all that.)


Anne Marie said...

First of all, I noticed I couldn't make a comment on Po's soccer debut. I have to admit, I did remind me a bit of you :-) j/k. Curious about this book, I am looking for a new series to pick up. How good is Sookie?

I will be home for GBM. Are you around?

Sara W. said...

Just want to say hello. I found your site through Corey's.

I just left a comment over at The Accidental Mommy's site too. I believe we are all from the beer and cheese state.

Have a Happy Mother's Day! You have a beautiful family.

Loved the "Rump Shaker" dance at soccer :-)

林尹 said...