Monday, May 31, 2010

Impending Doom Caught on Film

My poor Mister.

This weekend, he took hits to both areas of his person

and his ego.

He learned that,
unlike Chuck Norris,

certain parts of his anatomy are NOT made of steel.

The recovery was not pretty.

Being the sensitive wife that I am,
(read: I may have been laughing)
I did not take a photo of the afternmath.

Miles, however, recovered quite well from that squishy collision

and was able to take a stylish ride
around the campground on a motorized beer cooler.
The envy of both every 5 year old boy
and every man over the age of 30.


Anonymous said...

Like Timex- takes a kickin, keeps on tickin!


Corey said...

ROFLMAO! I think our husbands are twins, separated at birth.. my husband plays this incessantly with our kids.. despite the many close calls (and injuries to) the family jewels.