Monday, May 17, 2010

Channeling Tupac

Recitals are over and with that, so is the 09/10 dance season. While I'm happy to have the huge free-up in our schedule, I'm sad at the same time because the kids were just so darn cute in their dances, and I never tired of watching them.

However, I cannot let the event go by without giving a HUGE THANK YOU to the Mister, who participated in the Dad's Dance for all 5 recitals, for everything he does.

* I am grateful to my Mister because for 3 months, he went to dance practice every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. to learn a hip hop routine with 45 other Dads. He never complained, not once. Not when driving there through a blizzard, nor when there was a tornado warning with torrential downpour and lightning.

And if that schedule wasn't enough, he went to a dozen practices on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, with the kids who didn't always want to go. Yet he always had on his big ol' smile and carried along his perpetually cheesy sense of humor, and the kids always came home stating they had a great time.

* I am grateful to my Mister because he always encourages our kids in activities that captivate their interests and hearts. He's always willing to learn and participate. He does not expect our kids to only be interested in what Dad is interested in.

* I am grateful to my Mister because when Hatfield and I came home last night, at 10 pm, after her last recital, he greeted Hatfield with a dozen pink roses.

* I am in love with the fact that my Mister is confidently delusional enough to channel a bit of Tupac and wear his costume bandana like this:

(Once I figure out how to download photos from my new phone, I'll put the actual picture in)

* I am grateful that my Mister not only tells our sons, but he shows our sons, that Real Men Dance.

So, thank you, my dear man, for all that you do. We are so lucky to have you.


bbbunch said...

Great job Dad :) Can't wait to see pics...and better yet - VIDEO!!! Love it!

The Bristol Bunch

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I thought the bandana would make me look a lot like Tupac. I didn't recall him having a big gut, which magically appeared at the same time as the bandana....

Mr. 6Pac