Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robins Welcome Here

I spent the majority of my weekend outside, in the gardens, kids both helping me and playing around me, happy as a lark.

Last year my gardens became infiltrated with the nasty Wild Carrot Root. Lovely name for a nasty, vile weed which will take over a garden in two years flat if you aren't careful.

Most websites and blogs tell you to Round Up the snot out of those suckers, but No Way, Jose. I refuse to use any sort of pesticide in my garden or my yard.

Pardon my French, but that shit will kill ya. As every poor Spring Green or Lawn Pro sales rep who has ever had the misfortune of gracing my doorstep has been told. Last year one tried to argue with me, telling me that the new improvements to their formula make it their "greenest" product ever.

"Do you tell people not to let their kids and dogs on the lawn after application?"

Proudly, he said, "No, we don't. They can completely step on the lawn after application, although we don't recommend it as it can remove the product from the areas they step on."

Semantics, schmantics. "Well, my kids don't just step on the grass. They roll, tumble, wrestle and lie down on it. Would you let your kids do that after you apply this product?"

Silence. Thought so. Brain washing is their specialty, and we Americans buy it hook, line and sinker. I know because I'm only one of two houses on our block who does not use these lawn services.

Seriously, folks, though, all that shit will kill you. Or if not you, maybe your kids, or grandkids. Breast cancer, birth defects, lymphomas, neuroblastomas, miscarriages, brain cancer. The list goes on and on.

Not educated about it? Learn more here.

Back to the Wild Carrot Root, last Spring I first noticed it, and took the time to yank every one of those nasty suckers I saw pop up, going through the garden, square inch by square inch, covering about 70% of it until Miles came home. After that, we were so busy reveling in our new son that I didn't step foot in my garden until a few weeks ago.

Going through the garden the past two weekends, I could see how my diligence last year paid off. The areas I went through prior to Miles' homecoming were nearly free of this pest. The areas I didn't get to, quite infiltrated.

Does pulling it up require more work than Round Up? You bet. But a little exercise never killed anyone.

And all the earthworms happily wriggling around in my yard were thanking me for it. As pesticides obliterate 90% of ground worms. Dude, we need those groundworms. Wanna know why? Read here.

This morning I walked about my yard, coffee in hand, gazing at all the Spring which had sprung. Robins were everywhere in my yard, happily pulling up big fat earthworms for breakfast.

Looking about, I noticed no birds feasting on any of my neighbors' pesticide-laden "showcase" lawns. Because there's no food there for these dear creatures.

I don't know about you, but I'll take the robins.


geralyn said...

Truly that is scary stuff. I don't want my kids or pets to glow in the dark, so we use a pretty organic viewpoint when it comes to herbicides or pesticides. BTW, I laughed picturing you arguing with the lawn guy about the 'safety' of his products.

I'm just so happy you and us too, finally have some Spring like weather. Now my kids can go outside and I can try to shovel some of the winters dirt back out the front door.

Lisa said...

Loved your post! We are pesticide free here as well. Let me tell you keeping any green in your lawn living in the west w/ the intense sun isn't an easy task, but we've managed to keep the neighbors fairly happy with us. Bizarre that green grass wins out over the possibility of poor health??