Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's consistent if nothing else

This is just too "Are you serious?!?" not to share.

As some of you now, Mr. Keenan's adoption process was riddled with errors. Riddled.

At the beginning of our process, we had confusion with his name. With his birthdate. Confusion as to which child he really was.

During the process we had misspellings on judicial papers. When we got the decree, they got his new adopted name wrong.

His first passport was misspelled. The second passport was misplaced. The third passport had the wrong picture. (The fourth was the charm.)

His birth relative was displaced in a hurricane. More errors were found on his paperwork. A visa was rescinded for a photo error.

We finally get our boy home--HOME! Hallejulah!

2 weeks later, Keenan's Permanent Resident Card arrives. With Miles' photo on it.

Last month, we had their Adoption Finalized in our state, and the state issues our little guys Wisconsin birth certificates.

Today they arrived in the mail. I did a happy dance. Finally! It was here! We were on our way to Social Security Numbers and Certificates of Citizenship.

Keenan's date of birth is wrong. W-R-O-N-G. I'm looking at the paperwork we filled out, the paperwork that the judge signed and the courts submitted to the state. I have NO IDEA how they assigned it the date that they did.

Tomorrow, I shall begin making the calls necessary to straighten out this little matter.

Tonight, I am savoring a glass of Merlot, toasting my beautiful son and the complete MIRACLE that it took to get him here.


bbbunch said...

Oh my! One last hurrah, huh? Crazy! SO glad they are here with you now!!!

We love you :)
The Bristol Bunch

ManyBlessings said...


Julie said...

You aren't the only one! The difficulty started in process in Haiti and continues now that they are home. They issued one SS# for one boy then took it and gave it to his twin. We ended up with two cards with different names but same numbers! A month later we are still waiting for a resolution. UGH-- I feel your frustration. But I am thankful they are home!!

Sawatzky family said...

Oh man!
A miracle indeed! lol