Friday, April 09, 2010

Blast from the Past

The Mister, second from the left, circa 1990-1991 ish.

Sadly, most of the guys in this photo are passing it around Facebook because they think that this is proof that they were 1) really cool in high school and 2) really hot.

Which just goes to show that senility can set in even at the young age of 38.


Anonymous said...

First, I was not part of the party passing it around Facebook. Let's get that straight! :)

Second, we were really cool (if you removed the rest of the general population)!

Finally, the picture speaks for itself. Fire is hot. Volcanos are hot. A cross between Menudo and New Kids on the Block is definitely, definitively, absolutely white hot!

-Mr. Michael Jackson posing dude

Sarah & Crew said...

Dude, ALL kids in the "Future Middle Managers of America" club think they're all that and a bag of chips.

I say, next year at your 20 year reunion, let's get a shot of the same group of guys and see how good the past 20 has been to y'all.

Love you despite the photo,
The Mrs.

bbbunch said...

That's funny...I was going to call it "Menudo...but not?" SO funny! Is that a mullet?

Moto moto!


Sawatzky family said...

Well at least we know what Atticus is going to look like!!!! HA! Atticus is all I see when I look at this photo!
And seriously a cross between Menudo and NKOTB.....Cliff....keep dreaming baby ;p
Great photo!!!!!