Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 Questions

My boy Atticus asks me questions all the livelong day. Every day. Without fail.

I've always said that I should jot down some of the questions he asks me. So I did. I've even categorized them for you.

Questions That Made Me Feel Really Stupid because I Didn't Know the Answer

1. Can a jackhammer smash a diamond?
2. Do all jewels come from volcanoes?
3. How do they know that infinity is the biggest number?
4. Where do cinnamon sticks come from?
5. How do they make a laser ray?
6. Did the silent "e" ever make noise?

Deep Thoughts from our Resident Wax Philosopher

7. If a car and a motorcycle crashed, who would win?
8. Would you rather have a Persian soldier cut off an ear or whip you?
9. Why is it rude to ask how much something costs?
10. How did people know if their bones were broken before they had doctors and cameras?
11. What were you scared of when you were a little girl, Mom?

Say What?

12. Do people die if they get their eye shot out by a bow and arrow?
13. Do you know many Oompa Loompa's there are?
14. Do people throw away old houses?
15. Do Egyptians still talk the same?
16. Do people who speak German write human?
17. Would you rather be a Storm Trooper or a Clone Trooper?
18. Guess who I was on Star Wars Lego Wii Game? It begins with a "B!"
19. Is it easy to make bread?

Despite ALL the questions he asks ALL day long, Paloma earned the coveted #20 spot when she asked me this question when I picked her up from school today:

20. Mom, can Elijah sleep over? Please please please? He's my best friend and I might even marry him so please please please can he sleep over?

Funny, but it was the ONLY question I knew the right answer to right away:

And you are SO being homeschooled, little girl.
Starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How come he asks so many questions?


bbbunch said...

LOVE IT!!! I seriously have not had enough coffee for that kind of activity yet this morning! My mind is now spinning...but like you said...I only really knew the answer to one of those questions right away too :)

Cracks. me. up.

Luke said...

Some of those would be fun to answer. Personally, I'd love to walk through the infinity question because it has to do with definitions and symbols rather than concrete values. Good times.

You totally had me laughing with your answer to #20 [laughing].