Sunday, March 14, 2010

This and That

* The Mister is cleaning the garage without any cajoling, promise of sex, and/or threats to go back to work and turn him into Mr. Homeschool Mom. This scares me. I figure that either 1) he found out that he has one week to live when he was at the dentist on Thursday or 2) he wants to buy something big and needs the room.

* This is the "MotherBoard." She has saved my sanity many, many times. I love her.

However, I have learned that the MotherBoard is only as good as I am. Meaning that if I write Spring Break in on the wrong week, my kids will miss an entire week of school.

* I went to the Adoption Conference on Saturday. It. Was. Awesome. I learned a ton and made some great contacts.

However, while there I went to an attachment session, and talked at length with the gal there. She gave me a list of possible symtpoms indicating Attachment Impairment. I checked off 14 of 16 things for one of my sons.

Seeing that list was mind-boggling. Because we never deal with ALL of those behaviors at once. But looking at what we deal with, week in, week out, in its totality was a huge dose of reality.

We have a lot of work to do here.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this.

I am exhausted, but optimistic. Angry and confused at the "how?" "Why?" "what can we do?", but relieved that we have a starting point. Grieving, but thankful for the support system we have. Worried about how we are going to meet everyone's needs here in the house, but hopeful that somehow, someway, we will do it.

Mostly, I just want to help my little guy.

* We are SOOOO blessed to have my friend Becky and my sister Stephanie. Both ladies have been an immense help to me, both this weekend with my kids and in the past month with my emotional/mental health and sanity. Thank you, Becky and Stephanie.

* I need to finish our taxes. We have a whole lotta adoption reimbursement comin' back at us, and a whole lotta adoption loans to pay off.

* Spring is springing, and I spent the afternoon joyfully bagging up leaves that were never raked before the first snowfall hit. I have bags of leaves now in the backyard, joyfully awaiting their participation in the lasagna gardens I have planned for the backyard.

I realized that as long as I can be outside doing yardwork and gardening, my house can go to pot and it will be quite a while before I really care.

* We have the boys' Re-adopt Finalization tomorrow at our County Courthouse! The process will really, truly be over. We have court at 11:30, and then are going out to lunch to celebrate! I'm so excited for the event.

* Grilled Garlic-Lime Prawns in Cilantro/Poblano Cream Sauce. Heaven.On.Earth.


geralyn said...

I don't have a Motherboard, but I will by tomorrow afternoon. I love the idea and it just might help save my fragile sanity. Super idea!

bbbunch said...

I love you :) I am so happy to be here for you anytime, and appreciate SO much that you do the same for me! You are the best!!!

Congratulations about tomorrow!!!

Much love,

Amy said...

Ah, we're doing the re-adopt at our local court house tomorrow morning too! How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I bought a Rhino!(just kidding)


Sarah & Crew said...

Dear Mr.,

You wouldn't know a Rhino even if you were sitting on one, pretty boy.

The Mrs.