Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Mighty Po

What our Po lacks in size (she just hit 30 pounds at age 4),
she makes up for in personality.
Here is Po after using all of her physical might to throw
a 5.5 pound bowling ball down the aisle.

Here she is, 4 minutes later, chilling out,
while waiting to see if the ball would actually make it to the pins
(it touched them, then stopped.)

Our Itty Bit's fourth year has made the first three certainly worthwhile. This child is a dolly and a delight. I cannot begin to express the amount of joy this child brings us.

Now, for those of you gagging on your cereal right now, rolling your eyes thinking I'm all rainbows and sunshine, please know: I wasn't sure if both Paloma and I would both be standing by the end of her 3rd year. She was an extraordinarily challenging little one. Go back and read some of my blog. I deserve this joy with her, and I'm going to milk it for all it's worth, lol!

Paloma is strong-willed and loud.

Yesterday I picked up the children from school.
Mrs. Stewart winced a bit and said, "Well, one of your children hit another one of your children."

As I read her face, I gasped. "Paloma hit who?"

"Keenan, but they seem okay now." she said. I told her I'd talk to Po about it.

In the car, I said, "Paloma, why did you hit Keenan at school."

Paloma let out a purely exasperated sigh, "Mom, I didn't hit Keenan," she began. "I spanked him! He was not following my rules or listening to me!"

"Paloma, you can't go around spanking your brothers whenever they bother you." I informed her. Pause. Then I asked, "What did Keenan do when you spanked him?"

"He stopped annoying me."

Despite the fact that Keenan has 15 pounds and Miles has nearly 20 pounds on her, they are *terrified* of Paloma and her mighty wrath.

Paloma is a bit bossy,
but very loving.

This is Paloma with her Great Grandpa Joey, who is suffering from dementia.
He doesn't know who she is, but he adores her.
She is so very sweet and loving with him.
She is not scared of anything or anyone in the nursing home
(dementia wards can be scary to little ones.)
Here she is, helping steer his wheelchair,
"So you don't crash into the wall!" as she knowingly told him.

Paloma is quite hysterical.
Helping Mommy with the laundry.

Jimmy and Boppa were eating dinner at our house. Trixie, resident 6 pound Papillon-on-Crack, spends the meal yipping and trying to jump up on Jimmy's lap.

"Trixie! Stop jumping on Jimmy!" Po scolded. "She is a very OLD grandma and you could break her!"

Sassy but Sweet
Loud but Loving
Little but Mighty.
I am so grateful for my girl Po.

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Anonymous said...

I may be biased, but I am so darn proud of my little (and probably very spoiled) girl. She is quite a spirit and I can't help but indulge her. :)

-Mr. Softie