Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life with Boys

A Winter's Work

Thank goodness shorts weather is on its way.


Me said...

Our pants look exactly the same. In fact, some were much worse and had to be thrown away. Fortunately, we've already switched to shorts since it will be in the 90's today. I had no idea boys were so hard on clothes.

Stephanie said...

LOL same problem with G here!

But did you know the ripped jeans look is BACK IN STYLE! I let G wear her hole in the knee jeans to school as usual until yesterday when i picked her up and the hole in the knee has now turned into a near-total amputation of the lower right leg LOL so, they will be her first pair of cutoffs.


bbbunch said...

I'm in the same boat!


Lisa said...

WOW! I have a tough little boy on my hand's but one that is also very into how he looks; the kid LOVES clothes and somehow already has a sense of what's in and what's not!

Anonymous said...

Am I completely out of touch with society or is it alright to patch these things up? I realize it isn't the norm but it falls within reason, doesn't it?


Sarah said...

If you shop at Sears, join their Kidvantage program. If your child wears out their clothes before they outgrow them, they will replace it! Just make sure to keep the receipts.

ManyBlessings said...

Hahahaha!!! We're making cut-offs out of some certain little boy's pants. That way he can finish the destruction he already began. ;)