Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insanity Challenge: Completion of Week Three

A month back, the Mister and I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and sluggish and blah. So we decided to commit to the 60-Day Insanity program.

The workouts are tough. With a capital "T." It was a week and a half before I stopped wanting to cry during the warm up alone. Yet when I compared the results of my initial Day 1 Fitness Test, to my Day 13 Fitness Test, I was shocked to see just how much improvement I showed.

To say we are pleased with the results is an understatement. The Mister has lost nearly 10 pounds, plus his love handles, and his cardio strength has improved greatly.

I have lost maybe 4 pounds, but I cannot believe how much everything has toned up. My double chin puff is gone, my arms have slimmed down, and my stomach is losing a lot of the fat that I never thought possible. The cottage cheese on my hamstrings is disappearing, and I can't believe how the ripples back there are smoothing out.

The Insanity regiment also comes with an Eating Plan. They give you a formula that you plug your measurements/weight into, and it lets you know how many calories you should ingest each day to lose weight/maintain weight/gain weight.

I have always been a pretty healthy eater. I am a vegetarian and love veggies, fruits and whole grains. But, I have 5 kids. Which means that I often will mindlessly finish off 5 plates of leftovers (oops) instead of making my own lunch. Or that I slurp out of the bowls those last melty bits of ice cream. Or, those bites of the Girl Scout cookies one child tried but did not favor (because God forbid we let a Girl Scout cookie go to waste! I'm pretty sure that's listed as one of the 7 deadly sins.)

See where I'm going with that? A vegetarian lifestyle will only carry you so far. Because Girl Scout cookies are vegetarian.

This is the first time in my life I have ever counted calories. Their eating plan gives many meal recipes with the calorie counts (all are for 300--they give you ideas to make the meal 400 calories, or 500 calories.)

I aim for 1750 calories a day. So I eat roughly 2-400 calorie meals, and 3 300 calorie meals. A typical day looks like this:

Meal #1 (early morning): Fruit Protein Smoothie. 1 cup vanilla soy month, 1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.

Meal #2: (mid-morning) 3/4 cup low-fat Stonyfield Banilla or French vanilla yogurt, 1 cut up apple or peach or banana, 1/2-3/4 cup organic flax/pumpkin granola (I buy it at Sam's Club and it is soooooooo super yummy!)

Meal #3 (lunch): If Cliff comes home, I'll make a huge chopped salad and grill up some tilapia on the stove top. If we're crunched for time due to violin or piano lessons, I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread with 1 cup grapes and 1 cup soy milk or 1/2 cup almond milk

Meal #4 (Snack): 1 Clif bar.

Meal #5 (Dinner): Varies. But I aim for a 400 calorie meal.

I rarely eat after dinner, but if I feel like I've eaten too lightly or need a bit more protein, I'll have a a protein shake or a 20 raw almonds with some carrot sticks.

Today, the Mister began Week 5, aka The Recovery Week. Promptly afterwards he informed me to not let the term Recovery Week fool me, because The Recovery Week is its very own special version of physical hell. Tomorrow I complete Week Three, because the ruptured ear drum and an injury slowed me down a bit. While the workouts are difficult, I look forward to them because the results are incredibly motivating.

But not so motivating that I would publicly proclaim I will post before/after pictures upon completion of the program. But maybe the Mister will volunteer ;)


Corey said...

Hmm. I *did* post my butt on the internet.. I think you owe me.. ;-)

I bought myself the Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active for my birthday.. today I started the 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active, and I was so smoked afterwards that I could not go running. I was like.. but DUDE! I run marathons! How can this BE??

I am pitiful.

Also my hips hurt from Hula Hooping.

Apparently 38 is over the hill.


Stephanie said...

Sarah is that the official name of that program, the Insanity Challenge? i mean can i google that? is it a dvd and book?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about counting calories- for Sarah, that means forcing herself to eat twice as much per day vs. what she typically eats. For me, it is one half of what I want to eat. Also, the food to eat is stuff she likes naturally and everything I like (deep fried, sweet, etc.) is discouraged.

Not complaining, just a notation. :)


Sarah & Crew said...

Stephanie, you can google Insanity and Beachbody and it will come up. Beach Body is the company that created the workout.

Corey- I have always wanted the Wii Fit, but I pulled an oblique Wii Bowling and it hurt sooooo badly! So I figured I was too much of a weenie to try the Fit, lol :)

bbbunch said...

"A vegetarian lifestyle will only carry you so far. Because Girl Scout cookies are vegetarian."

Best. Quote. Ever.

Good luck my friend!!! Proud of you ;)


Me said...

You are the woman! I'm terrified of the Insanity workout. I have a friend doing it right now and her results have been amazing.


ania said...

Wow! Great work.

Though - I do have to admit that I was a little grossed out by the thought of slurping up someone else's leftover melted ice-cream.

But, you know by now that I have no children of my own. I hear that once you do, it can change such prissy attitudes.