Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mid-Winter Lethargy

One of my Rules of Life is that if you are going to be the sort to complain about the weather, then you are only allowed ONE season to caterwaul about.

February 1 through March 31 is the onus of my seasonal misery.

This long, cold, booorrrriiiinnnnggg stretch of winter does me in, mentally and physically. No longer does winter hold the romance and wonder that it did upon its December debut. Too cold to run outside (or even work out in our un-insulated garage), the snow is packed down and icy, ruining conditions for snowshoeing and sledding with a crew of 5 kids.


So to counteract this, I am making Change #1 in y life. I am now hauling my winter-induced super-sized daggan out of bed each morning at 5:30, to head down to the basement to work out or do yoga.

In theory, this should be easy, as I'm a morning person. Come June I can fly out of bed at 5 am without an alarm, I'm so eager to get a jump on a day filled with running, gardening, fresh air and sunshine.

This winter, I'm feeling more apt to hibernate. We've been sleeping in until 7, all of us, which is unheard of. But I realize that I really need that 90 minutes between my lonesome waking up at 5:30 to when the troops are up and ready for action.

And speaking of troops that are up and ready for action. . . mine are! The Trumpet is Sounding and Duty is Calling. . .

Have a blessed day!


Sawatzky family said...

I hear you on the winter my friend! I can hardly wait for Miss Sunshine to return :)

bbbunch said...

Getting up earlier than my kids is the key to my sanity :) In theory I love sleep in days (my college self would laugh at me calling 7:00 AM sleeping in!) but on those days, I miss my solitary jolt of coffee before diapering one, diapering another, nursing and breafast detail. Just sayin! I love this time of year if we actually get snow...where the heck is it?


ManyBlessings said...

Funny you posted this. I just decided the same thing too. The winter blahs are hitting hard and I need to have some time to myself before the kiddos get up. So yesterday and today I was up earlier and went walking at the indoor track.

Much better. ;)