Friday, February 19, 2010

It's only hair

At some point in the past 12 hours, my dear boy Miles snuck into his brother's "private case" and stole a few pieces of bubble gum.

Bubble gum which he then proceeded to chew, and mash the long, sticky strings into multiple locs.

Locs which I could not fix. Because gum is not on the "approved loc-ing substances" list. Not by a long shot.

I am trying really hard to convince myself, "It's only hair."

But it's hair that I spent hours--and I'm talking 50, 60 hours EASY--loc-ing. Hours that we spent by the fire, laughing at movies, and bonding. Hours where this child was happy to be with me, and not mad at me.

Having to shave it all off was horrible. My sweet Mister volunteered to do it when he comes home tonight, but I just felt like I should be the one to do it.

I asked Miles why he would do that. Why would you take that gum?

"Because I mad at you that I can't have gum."

Miles has been on the "Banned from Chewing Gum" list. Because when he chews gum at home, while in my charge, the chewed gum will end up in his pants' pockets, or his shirt pocket, or in between the cushions on my couch or in the carpet.

These gum catastrophes never happen in anyone else's presence, like Dad, Grandma or at school.

Hence, his placement on the Banned List.

I am exhausted and sad. I feel defeated. I shouldn't let this take the wind out of my sails, because it's only hair.

But it has.


ManyBlessings said...

Darn it. :( (((HUGS))))

Sawatzky family said...

I am sure my sails would be deflated...crumpled up...stuck in the sea weeds...and torn ;0
Stay strong friend!
"This to shall pass."
Lots of luv
shelly and gang

bbbunch said...

I'm so sorry Sarah...I know how hard you worked on that and how sentimental that was for you :( I think that it just. plain. sucks.

I love you.