Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In a wink of an eye and a shake of a snaggle tooth, they grow up.

These photos

are the very last ones taken of my baby boy Atticus with both of his front teeth.

Here he is, in true Atticus form, giving me a wink and a shake of his snaggle tooth.

Last night, shortly after I took those photos, he "bumped" his tooth out with his hand while he was in bed. Apparently, he was very sleepy and went to scratch his head but "missed."

I gave him a big high five, a big hug, and sent him off with big hopes of a Tooth Fairy Dollar.

Then I climbed in bed and cried. A lot. Because I would really like my baby boy to stay a baby, just a little bit longer.

1 comment:

Sawatzky family said...

Poor mama! ;)
Jackson way to to go Atticus!!! His two front big boy teeth are almost full grown! He is working on a few more lose ones! lol