Monday, February 15, 2010

Husbands are Awesome

(THE MISTER HiJACKED my blog while I was in the Shower. Here is his contribution to the great world of blogging:)

Nothing much here to go in-depth on. Like the sun rising from the east, it is just a fact that husbands (mine in particular) are witty, funny, and serve as the backbone of the family. My dear husband is like Atlas, carrying my world on his shoulder. And he does so happily, with a smile, and nothing but kind loving thoughts in his mind about how wonderful and perfect his life, his wife, and his family are.


Corey said...


Tell him if that was his blog, no one would read it!

Where's the drama, baby?!

God bless him anyway..


geralyn said...

Does he need his own horn so he can toot it himself??? Bahhahahha! He should know by now, that behind every great man is FANTASTIC wife. You should thank him for the complliment!!