Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't organize a bake sale just yet. . .

We have had some Big!
over here
at the 5FC abode in the past 24 hours.

Brace yourself. . .

Our dear Little Keenan,
His Mouth
His Ears . . . . .


To our surprise yesterday afternoon,
upon retrieving Keenan from school,
we found that our boys' lovely mouth and ears were broken.

He could no longer Hear or Talk to his beloved mother.

When he tried to circumvent her
and talk to his siblings,
oh, the horrors!
His siblings' ears could only hear,

Had we had degrees in nursing
or attachment parenting
we might had realized that our little man was developing
a major case of Britchesus Gigantuous.

But alas, we did not catch it
until it was too late.
And his mouth was truly broken.
Along with his cute little ears.

Dedicated to our dear boys' recovery
from his horrible medical predicament
and determined to keep him OUT of the hosptial
or worse
a trip to the Mouth and Ear store!
we put him right to bed to rest
and recover.

Such good parents are we,
we realized that
the bags and bags of Valentine Goodies
(and good grief! what is up with these party-favor
sized bags of cavities some kids bring as
classroom Valentine's favors?)
and Valentine Candies
like the crunchy word hearts
would only further worsen
his already serious ailment.

And being the good parents we are,
we said, "Heavens no!
We can't have you eat candy!
Your mouth might even get More Broken!"

So we bundled up our little guy
with lots of hugs and kisses
lots of words of love
and prayed at his bedside,
"Lord, please fix our so!"
we wailed.
"Please allow for a Miraculous Healing
of his Mouth and Ears.
Please let him be ALL BETTER
in the morning."

But wait!
Don't start organizing a Bake Sale
to help pay for his new ears and mouth
just yet. . .

Because Wishes DO come true.
And you know what?
He is healed.

Crazy, huh?

If you can't beat the crazy,
you might as well join it.
Because sooner or later,
you'd get there anyways.


Steph, G's Mom said...

LOL Loved the saga.

You've been reading Christine haven't you? Oh how I wish I had a Christine to read during our first year LOL!


Sarah & Crew said...

You bet! I LOVE Christine! Her "out crazy the crazy" is brilliant, and it worked really well in this particular situation, because the reasons why he wouldn't look, answer or obey were so silly to begin with. I wouldn't use the advice in grave situations, but here, it was awesome and totally helped turn his car around :) Thank God for Christine!

Sawatzky family said...

Love it!!!!!!
So glad to hear of his full recovery from such a serious condition!
Amazing post!
Love it!!!!!
Shelly and gang

Megan said...

I LOVE it! Super clever! Way to be an awesome mama!

Corey said...

It had to either be Christine or Mrs. Piggle Wiggle... ;-)

Good job, Mama!

bbbunch said...

LOVE it! I embrace the crazy :)

Love you!

PoetrysTruth said...

I so love this! Too funny! "Poor" kid didn't stand a chance! LOL!