Saturday, January 16, 2010

Their First Home

Every adoptive child has their own, unique pre-placement experience.
Some good.
Some not so good.
Some downright horrific.

While I don't like sharing everything I know about my boys because it is their story,
I feel this is a bit of their story that is important to share.

My boys, together, entered Les Petits Anges de Chantal (PAC) creche
at a very, very young age.

Neither son has memories or recollections of their birth family.

While in Haiti, PAC was Miles' and Keenan's HOME.
For the vast majority of their little lives.
They were among the first children Marie France took in.

When they came to live with us, they mourned having left behind PAC.

The other children in the orphanage were siblings to them.

The nannies were stand-in parents to them.

Both boys speak affectionately of their time in Haiti.
They love looking at photos at the orphanage.

For having grown up in an orphanage, my sons came home in good shape. I attribute this to the care they received at the orphanage. Miles was nearly off the charts for his weight/height. Keenan, who had some stomach ailments, was still strong and healthy, given their circumstance of being raised in an orphanage in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Neither boy has a single cavity. The both brush their teeth thoroughly in exactly the same manner. Our dentist was shocked at the great condition and health of their teeth. Given the fact that my little guys didn't even have many teeth upon entering the orphanage, I again attribute this to the care they received while at PAC.

When the Mister went to Haiti, each time, to retrieve our sons, the grief their leaving caused Marie was real. He said it was tremendously difficult to watch the pain mixed in with her joy. She had my boys from nearly the start.

They were her babies, too.

Was everything there perfect? By no means! Could their care have been better by American standards? Sure. But we consider our boys lucky to have had the start that they did.

If it is in your heart, there are several ways to give to our orphanage.

First, you can sign the petition in the below post. Help get the children who are assigned homes, home. Where they belong. And helping free up space in the orphanage allows new children to be cared for and placed.

Second, if you have any loose change (or bills) lying around, you can GIVE to our orphanage directly.

Celebrate Children International is our adoption agency that works directly with our orphanage. You can earmark your donation for Marie France Simon/PAC/Haiti.


The PAC Haiti Recovery Fund will also give directly to our orphanage.

The recovery needs of our orphanage and Haiti will be long lasting. Food, water, medicine, diesel will be in short supply/high demand for a long time to come.

For those of you who know Miles and Keenan, you know what healthy, beautiful, loving boys they are. If it is in your heart, please help those who helped give our boys the head start of life, in the middle of Haiti.

Sarah and Family

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