Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six Months Home

As of this past Sunday, our Miles has been
home Six Months.
As in, half of a year.

Crazy, huh?

The sheer amount of Growth that can occur
in a mere 6 months is amazing.
Height, weight, hair, language.

Miles rarely communicates in Kreyol.
He still holds onto the word "machine" for car
and "ti bo" for kiss,
but that's about it.

His English is astounding.
And when he doesn't quite catch an Engligh word,
he will make up a word (or sound) in it's place.

At the K-4 Christmas program,
Miles sang LOUDER than the ENTIRE class combined.
When he didn't know the words
(which was often)
he would LOUDLY sing "la la na fa" or "humdee dee doo."
It was adorable
and precious
and my heart nearly broke with pride and adoration.

Miles talks ALL of the time.
Even when he is playing in a room by himself.
He has long and lovely conversations with his toys,
and the Mister and I find it quite endearing.

Miles belly laugh gets deeper each week,
and it is contagious.
You can't hear it and not feel joy in your heart.
It's simply not possible.

He is a fearless little boy when it comes to sports.
We went sledding on Saturday,
and before anyone else even got their sled out,
there was Miles,
going down the BIG hill with a snow ramp at the bottom of it.
He FLEW off the ramp,
and did a mid-air sideroll with his sled.
He landed with a huge WHUMPH.

Our boy got up laughing.
"Oooh whooo! Look at Miles! I a Snow Man!" he howled,
snow sticking to every inch of him.

Our boy.
Home Six Months.
We are so very blessed, indeed.


Melanie said...

Wow!!! SIX MONTHS!!! Who would have thought it could fly so quickly...remember all those times during the adoption process that we'd say - once they are home time will go quickly, all the waiting will be so quickly forgotten! Remember SIX months in the adoption process...time...how it flies when you are having FUN!

Happy 1/2 year anniversary Miles!!!

Sawatzky family said...

What a joyful post Sarah!!