Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sew Cool

Hatfield is my oldest daughter.

She's 11.

In my opinion, she is a damn cool kid. She's happy; she cares for others; she's artistic; she's genuinely nice. She loves animals and they love her. She's at ease playing with her 3 year old cousin or her 12 year old best friend.

Being the oldest of 5, within that group two very active 5 year old boys and a drama-inclined 4 year old girl, is fun at times, and not easy at times.

I'm an oldest child. So is the Mister. So we try our best to remember our times as the oldest child.

Every evening, between 8 and 9, without fail, is Hatfield Time. Which is fine by me, because I really like hanging out with my girl each night.

Sometimes she and I will knit. Sometimes we play board games. Other times we'll eat ice cream and watch an episode from the 1970s Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series (gotta love those pantsuits on Parker Stevenson!) And we always end it two chapters from one of the original Nancy Drew Series.

Our newest activity these winter evenings is sewing. Jimmy bought Hatfield a sewing machine for Christmas (a real one--not one of the machines for kids).

Santa brought her this adorable sewing box (love the print!) full of sewing notions, along with a gift card to Hobby Lobby.

Hatfield picked a "Carrying Case" as her first sewing project. She had to determine the supplies she would need to purchase.

She did everything herself, from measuring, to cutting, to pinning and sewing. The only thing I did was set up the velcro on the right side of the fabric (right being the outside fabric, not in 'correct' side), instead of the wrong side, (the wrong side was the correct side.)

So she and I had to rip out the two pieces of Velcro, and then flip it over for her to re-sew. It took a lot of stitch ripping, and I felt horrible for making such a goof. It was a LOT of stitch-ripping, but Hattie took it all in stride.

See, I told you she was a cool kid.

And despite the little detour we had to take to fix mom's goof, she did one bang-up job!

Here is Hatfield, proudly displaying her first finished piece of sewing.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my super daughter! That handbag looks cool and I know that she has been very dedicated to learning and using the sewing machine.

Any chance of getting shirts tailored? :) Hattie, you are one amazing girl!