Friday, January 22, 2010

Now UNICEF is interfering with getting Haitian kids HOME to their legally approved families

Insanity. Pure Insanity! From our reliable sources:

Please, please contact your media! Unicef is on the ground impeding the process
of families leaving with their children! Unicef is accusing agencies of child
trafficking! They have said to the media that they support these children
leaving Haiti- these are children WITH adoptive families in Haiti. This is not the
actual, live situation in Haiti right now! Children need to get out NOW and meet their families stateside.

UNICEF representatives verbally attacked Stephanie T. with A Love Beyond Borders just last night as she helped load two children on a plane to the Netherlands. She said that she feared her safety and the safety of the children. The Netherlands officials contacted their government and
the government in fact HAD approved their evacuation. This is a very, very serious situation. These children need to get out! They have families! Stepanie could use your prayers and your support right now! Anything you can do would be appreciated! Let the media know to get down there to SEE what Unicef is actually doing. It is ugly, and it is typical for Unicef. I am so sick and tired of them! HELP IS NEEDED!

Sarah Now Adding:

It is no secret that UNICEF is staunchly against inter-country adoption. They have a long standing record of "getting involved" with countries, which then later shut down their inter-country adoption programs, leaving thousands of children stuck in the balance.

IMHO, UNICEF are big bullies when it comes to inter-country adoption.
They have no authority to stand at an airport and try to stop children from leaving.

Let's recount this here:
President Preval gave the O.K.
The Netherlands gave the O.K.
The U.S. State Department gave the O.K.
And all children at the airport, leaving, have had:
their documents reviewed, and
appropriate paperwork issued.
This is B.S., plain and simple.


* Have Twitter? Tweet on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. UNICEF behaves VERY differently in front of the camera than off. Perhaps a camera or two needs to be placed upon these so-called "official reviewers"
* Contact your local media
* Put this on FaceBook

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geralyn said...

When I read your headline, I hesitated reading your post because I did not want to spend my entire weekend ranting and raving about the horrific antics of UNICEF. What in hell are they thinking keeping these kids in a country wrapped up in turmoil, death, destruction and the on-coming diseases????

I will absolutely share my great displeasure and anger about UNICEF with the national media. I am outraged at their arrogance and parochial view of children's rights. THese kids deserve to be with the families they have been matched with and legally adopted by rather than linger in a country wrapped up in turmoil. AHHHHHHH
Thanks for sharing. Everyone needs to know the truth about UNICEF and their agenda. I need a drink now..a large one!