Thursday, January 21, 2010


Baby Maisie is here!
Maisie is my newest niece.
Born this morning at 10:01 a.m.
I cannot wait to hold her.

Baby Maisie has an awesome big sister named Aristana.
Aristana is three.
My children love her.

Sometimes, Aristana jumps on their living couch,
which is perched right in front of their bay window.
Twice now, we have driven by Aunt Maggie's home,
to see little Aristana jumping
in the window.

My children are J-E-A-L-O-U-S.
Every time we drive by Aunt Maggies,
five little necks in my van crane to their fullest
to catch a glimpse of their jumping cousin.

Miles reaction upon seeing baby Maisie:
"Oh! Oh! Oh! Mama, mama, bebe pink! Bebe pink!
I never no see PINK bebe!"
I smiled and explained to him that when
blan babies are born, they are usually pretty pink.
He looked at me like I was CRAZY.
Shaking his head:
"No, no, no, Mama. You blan.
I black.
Baby PINK!
I know. I learn colors at school."

So there you have it.


Maggie Mae said...

Thank you for your excitement! I love the Miles story!

bbbunch said...

Too funny! Congrats to Maggie and all the rest of your family on your new pink baby :)

The Bristol Bunch