Monday, January 18, 2010

How do you find normal again after a week like lasts?

For the past 6 days, the great majority, if not all, of my mind has been, at all times, in Haiti.

The suffering, the worry, the concern. It's always there. When you've been to a country, when you're children are from a country, how do you just let that go?

I'm incredibly concerned and worried about these two little fellas.

They are the birth siblings on one of my sons.

They live in Port au Prince.

We have NO understanding about what happened to these little boys, and the likelihood of us finding out any time remotely soon (if ever) is slim.

I realize that I can't sit and watch CNN forever. I can't spend my days scanning Twitter and FB for updates. Some sense of normal has to be found again.

People are really starting to irritate me with their whines and complaints about our very blessed lives here stateside. Like my husband's dingbat cousin this morning who used her Facebook page to publicly complain that she had already cleaned 2 bathrooms in her huge home, but she still had--gasp! the horrors!-- 2.5 more left to still clean.

It's a tough life, princess.

And I nearly wanted to vomit at reading the headline that the glamorous, post-Golden Globe parties were filled with celebrities bedazzled with jewels, an abundance of the finest cuisine and an overflow of liquor.

Yet, I do need to regain a sense of normalcy here at home for my childrens' sake. So this morning I dusted off their ChorePacks, and we've resumed chores, music lessons and homeschool. We'll check in with the news on our breaks. We'll continue to donate and try to encourage others to donate. We'll keep on writing to our state's representatives, asking them for their help in bringing home all orphans matched with a family.

It's hard not to feel guilty, that while we resume our quiet, comfortable life, Haiti is out there.


Salzwedel Family said...

I totally get you. Trying to find normal again here too. My heart is crying out for my precious Haitian girl.

Jenn said...

I'm finding it difficult to find my normal again. Having travelled to Haiti six times and knowing that Wil's birthmom lives minutes away from Walls has me in a constant cloud.

I, too am blown away at even some of my friends responses..."Ya its so sad, did you watch Greys?"...I mean, seriously?

Today I am going to the office of the Minister of Immigration, he just happens to be my elected Member of Parliment, to get some idea as to what he's doing to get the Cdn kids home.

Jacci in Ohio said...

Last night I sat infront of my laptop bawling for all these reasons and more. By the time I woke up this morning, the Lord had transformed my feelings of guilt to feelings of profound thankfulness. Thankful that I could easily get clean water for my four children. Thankful that they slept in warm, comfortable beds. Thankful that I could give them breakfast that actually filled their tummies. Thankful that I can be their mother - that they have a mother. That they're all safe and here beside me. We thank the Lord for our meals everytime we sit down, but in the face of such devastation and need, this morning we thanked God Almighty from our hearts even more. All the time knowingour complete unworthiness, praying for those that experience a different providence.

~Jacci in Ohio

ManyBlessings said...

I'm with you. My world seems so completely lopsided right now. I can't find my equilibrium. Haiti is so in my blood that I can't let go. And don't want to. It's a weird place to be.

ManyBlessings said...

Oh, and my eyes are blurry from scanning the missing people websites. It's something I never imagined I'd have to do. Ever.