Friday, January 15, 2010

Help cont'd. . .

Ever wonder why the boys and I sound like?

You can watch Miles, Keenan and myself, along with my dear BFF Jill here!

Our church has had a change of heart regarding the Haiti situation and has asked us to write a letter to accompany a plea for collection to help the relief recovery and our orphanage. Praise God! The help is SO desperately needed, as food/water/diesel/building supplies will be in high demand/short supply in the weeks and months ahead. We are so proud and grateful that our church community has chosen to pitch in!

Many adopting families with children stuck in Haiti are on their knees in prayer today and would be so grateful if you were to join them. There is a large meeting this morning with government officials, trying to find a solution and way to bring these children home to the United States. This disaster is going to increase the number of orphans in an already overwhelmed country, so let's get the children who already have families home so that the orphanages can take in other souls.

Please consider signing this petition to do so, found here:

The petition states:
To the US Government and US State Department - Legally adopted children of Americans are currently stuck in Haitian orphanages, many of which are destroyed or damaged and without food and water. These are legal children of American citizens, whose adoption has already been approved and finalized by the Haitian government prior to the 1-12-09 earthquake, but have been waiting for Haiti to print a passport or the US government to issue a visa. But now, with Haitian government buildings destroyed and the country in chaos, this is not possible. By signing this petition, we ask that the US government take action by immediately issuing visas to these children so that they may travel to join their families in the US, who love and are invested in these children. Evacuate the already adopted children so that they do not die in the aftermath of the earthquake! Letting the legally adopted children leave Haiti on emergency visas will open space in orphanages for newly orphaned children who will likely die on the streets without care. Issue visas now!
(Petition open until 1-25-10 at which time it will be sent to US State Department.)


Anonymous said...

Sarah - I hope you remember me (Maria Moss). I haven't seen you since Hattie was a baby but I found your blog address posted on Facebook. In addition to Ethan I have another son Grisha who is 8 that we adopted from Russia almost 6 years ago. I am a blog addict and I love your blog. I can't imagine what you are going through. I would be heart broken if something devastated the area Grisha is from. My thoughts are with you and your kids!!

Sawatzky family said...

Another wonderful informative post Sarah!
I loved seeing the boys :)
I put a link up on our blog as well. The more that are aware and informed the more that will lend a hand say a prayer!
Be Blessed dear friend and know our prayers our with Haiti now.
Shelly and family