Wednesday, January 13, 2010


UPDATE: Someone was able to get in touch with Veneil Jean from Wall's International Guest House and reports that Veniel and his family are okay. Please keep them in your prayers.

This is a Before/After Photo of the Haitian National Palace (the equivalent of our White House.) This building was a source of great pride for the Haitian people.

Our friend Veniel runs Walls Guest House on Delmas in Port au Prince. He lives their with his beautiful wife, daughter Venika, age 4, and their brand new 10-day old baby girl. The Main Building of the guest house collapsed yesterday. No one has yet seen or heard from them. Please, Please PLEASE pray for this wonderful man and his beautiful family, and for all the guests at Walls.

I have been glued to the computer and news, absolutely heartsick over the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Our orphanage is in Port au Prince. As of this morning, we are unaware of anyone who has been able to get in touch with our orphanage director, Marie. Our orphanage is on Delmas, one of the main roads in Port au Prince. News reports said that more buildings were done than up on that road.

I have many friends whose children still wait at that orphanage. One of our sons has siblings there. I have friends in the country right now.

Please, please be on your knees in prayer. Please consider giving your month's eating out or takeout money to an organization that will give 100% of donations directly to Haiti without taking any out for administrative costs (please contact me if you need help finding a place to give!)

I cannot even imagine it. This is a country whose medical system could not support the country even when the country was relatively stable. This is a country with no fire stations. The city of Port au Prince does not have a brigade of bulldozers sitting on the side to come in and remove rubble. Overwhelmed does not even begin to cover it.

The Livesay Family link on the right is the family blog of Troy and Tara Livesay, an expat family with children living in Haiti. Please click on it and send them your support and prayers.

UPDATE: An agency has been in contact with Marie France. The children are fine and accounted for. They slept out in the street last night because of the aftershocks. Not all of the staff, however, is accounted for. Please, please continue your prayer for our Haitian babies and all of the people there.


Anonymous said...


We are trying to find out about Veniel and his family from Canada - any news would be great - we are praying for them


Sawatzky family said...

Sarah we have been in prayer already. We only learned of this this morning when I flipped the news on during a break in school. I immediatly thought of your family when we heard the news and we have been praying ever since.
This is truly devastating.