Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Books for Boys

I love my Boy Patrol.

I believe in letting little boys be little boys.

This is one of the BEST books I have ever read about little boys.

And of course, this is one is also one of my Absolute Faves:

I believe in raising boys the "old-fashioned" way. I'm not a fan of hand-held video games, or any video games, really, but I do think the Wii is Awesome for burning off some pent-up energy on those -20 degree days.

My boys play Cops 'n Robbers with toy guns (and yes, they truly look like Toys and in no way could ever be mistaken for the real thing.)

My boys pretend they are SwashBucklers and Pirates with play swords.

My boys morph into Spies and attempt to disarm evil with high tech gadgets like paperclips (carefully placed in drawers so you know if someone snooped in your stuff when you find it lying on the floor), the latest in Tin Can-n-String Eavesdropping Technology, and mirrored sunglasses that let you see what's behind you.

My boys build snow forts, attempt to rig pulleys to hoist their sleds to the top of playfort, work on figuring out a way to skateboard down a snow bank, and try to ride their bikes backwards. They find frogs and attempt to hide them in our camper so they can keep them as pets, love to sleep in their tent, and play in mud.

We stock the house with Tinker Toys, Matchbox cars, Magic Shows, Lincoln Logs and Legos. They can distinguish the differences for appropriate uses of blue, green and red Light Sabers and they can correctly give the scientific name of a dinosaur after glancing at it for 1.2 milliseconds.

In addition to giving boys room to be boys, I also believe a very Important Part of raising boys is Book Time. Curling up with Mom or Dad and a great book about a great boy (or boys.)

This year Atticus and I have read some wonderful ones, thus far.

We've read about the adventures of the radio-building, donut machine making Homer Price:

and Henry Huggins and his scruffy dog Ribsy:

The adventures and ingenuity of The Swiss Family Robinson:

Mountain Born was a gentle tale about a boy growing up on a sheep farm.

SO many good books out there! I'm dying for some more great recommendations from all of you moms with your own boy patrols. What should we read next?

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Not sure if the 1st quote alludes to Aesop's "Boy Who Cried Wolf", which I know you've read with Atticus. Anyways...

I think it is great that our boys are running around using their imagination. Even when (as previously posted) they take a new scooter apart because they are curious to see how it works. :)

They kind of remind me of the Backyardigans. They turn the basement into a jungle expedition where they set up tents, they make microphones out of nerf balls and towels to sing, and they transform the living room into a stage to show off a new dance production.

All of this is incredible and it is due not to the exposure of TV (which I myself love as much as books) but to the great books they see (note that our new boys love to look through books even if they can't read them yet) as well as the great minds they have and are encouraged to use.