Saturday, January 02, 2010

Don't Diss the Spid-a-Mon

The addition of Miles and Keenan to our family basically created a set of Irish triplets, as my y0ungest three children have a birthday within 10 months of each other. For a few months every summer all four of them are the same age, and right now both Miles and Keenan are 5, and if you ask Paloma, she is "Almost 5."

Our three wake up at the same time each morning. They get dressed at the same time and come downstairs together. Miles and Paloma are chatterboxes, and Keenan always has something to throw in for good measure.

Miles and Paloma often sound like an old married couple. Keenan and Miles, who share a very tight bond, often sound like Felix and Oscar because they are just so different in personality and thought process, yet so joined at the hip.

Listening to them talk amongst themselves each morning is one of my favorite times of day. Quite often their conversations are hilarious. And each conversation gives me a little peak into their personality that you don't otherwise see in all Mommy-child conversations.

Most mornings, their conversations are civil bickering. A recent conversation though, I thought, was nearly going to come to blows.

We were watching Spiderman (Miles' favorite) while I was working on Miles' hair.

Paloma, not a Spidey fan, remarked with great disdain: "I don't like Spiderman. He toots."

Miles was instantly horrified. "Spid-a-mon no toot, Pah-Low-Ma!" he gasped.

Paloma looked as smug as a Cheshire Cat, continued. "Yes he does. He toots. It's disgusting."

"No, he no toot, Pah-Low-Mah! Spid-a-mon . . . saves people!"

"Yes he does toot, Miles. Spiderman toots when he puts on his silly costume in his costume closet. Toot. Toot. Toot. He's stinky and yucky."

At this point, had I not been working on Miles' hair, I think he would have charged Paloma from across the room.

"SPID-A-MON NO Toot! Spid-a-mon saves people. Spid-a-mon (here Miles does his Spidey hand web thingy with the appropriate sound effect) Spid-A-Mon not stinky! You DON'T KNOW Spidey, Pah-Low-Mah"

Satisfied that she had gotten her point across and aggrieved her brother for the day, Paloma skipped off to play Littlest Pet Shop.

Miles continued to watch his Spid-a-Mon, all the while muttering quietly, "Spid-a-mon no toot. Spid-a-mon good. Not stinky. Good."

I still laugh every time I think of that conversation. Watching the two of them interact, you would think that they were brother and sister from the start. Slowly, but surely, it is really beginning to feel that way to me too.


Amy said...

That's funny. J does the whole whispering under his breath thing over and over at times. He loves Spideyman too.

Stephanie said...

ok THAT nearly brought me to tears. and with the broken English whilst defending Spidey. That was hys-frickin-sterical.

I miss the funny conversations like that we could be having around here if G had a sibling!!! :(

Laurie said...

Ahhh siblings, they know how to press each others buttons. Very funny...

Sawatzky family said...

Funny funny ;b
Love the kid conversations they are just a riot around her to!
Great post!