Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anticipated Homecomings

Time for Praise and Prayer.

Many adoptive families have received word that their Haitian children are being evacuated. They are hereby being placed "on call" for a near-future pickup.

This includes Dear Jill and Brent and their Haitian daughter, Amandine.


Many of the orphanage situations are dire and desperate. These evacuations cannot come a moment too soon.

Some other countries have not yet begun evacuation procecedures. Children will remain in these precarious situations, and many, many more children have been made orphans by the earthquake.

Please, please keep these children and families in your prayers, both those who are staying and those who are being evacuated. This entire situation needs to be covered in prayer.

Please pray for:

* The evacuation's logistical planning to go smoothly.
* Safety for these children in their travels.
* Peace of mind and heart for these children in this insanely tumultuous time.
* That ALL children who have a family, from all countries, are able to go home.
* For ALL needs to be met for the children who remain in the orphanages.

This week has been exhausting. Mentally, emotionally, physically. And I'm just here in the states watching it from afar. I read the accounts of people in Haiti, and my heart breaks. I cannot imagine going through what they are going through.

Watching the dire conditions of several orphanages and its children on Fox News nearly did me in. I recognized the children of friends.

What the devil may try to do for our harm, the Lord can use for our Good. His ways are mysterious, His timing is not always for us to understand. But, finally, in this entirely awful situation, here is some good. Children are being united with their families. And for that, I will give praise and be grateful.

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Kelli K. said...

Sarah, when I heard news, I thanked God that your boys and my friend at the UN had made it out safely. Then I had a horrible feeling in my stomach for everyone else left behind. I wanted you to know that Aidan and SeanPatrick emptied their piggy banks to donate to the Red Cross. Your adoption has put a real face on this situation. We are praying for them.