Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spelling Bee

When Miles is proud, or excited, or excited and proud, the whole world can tell. His peacock feathers stand tall, his eyes shine, his teeth sparkle and his voice booms.

For both of our sons, it is obvious they retained no schooling at the orphanage. I have photos of them sitting in on school, but I'm guessing that it was geared to the older children. I'm certain that there were younger children who took it in and absorbed the information, and who came home knowing their ABCs or colors or numbers.

With our little boys though, that was not the case. They are just very active and busy little boys who like to talk and watch the other children, much more so than any teacher. You know, just regular little boy stuff, whether you're a little boy in an orphanage or a little boy in a regular U.S. school. Seems universal.

Thus far, our boys seem to have a difficult time retaining 'scholarly' sorts of information. I am not alarmed, because I am under the impression it is because they are absorbing, sorting and learning how to use English. That process takes up soooo much of their brain processes that they just can't process much further at the time.

And that's okay. We'll give them as much time as they need.

Now that Miles is REALLY speaking a LOT of English (very little Kreyol anymore with him, unless he's talking to Keenan, who still uses a lot of Kreyol and very little English), he is beginning to absorb and retain more and more letters, numbers, colors. He's often wrong the majority of the time, but still, I can see progress happening and I feel confident that he will get to where he needs to be, in time.

Miles is VERY proud of his letter M. "M for Miles," he tells everyone anytime he sees an M.

The other day, Miles and I were cuddled up by the fire. His shirt donned his nametag from the morning's Sunday School.

What does this say, Miles? I asked him.

He pointed to the M. "M. For Miles!" he stated.

I said, "What's after the M?"

Well, bowl me over with a feather, but the child said, "I. That's i, in Miles."

That week, they had learned "i" in 4-K. Because "i" is the second letter in his name, it stuck!

"Miles, that's AWESOME! Look at you spell your name! What's after i?" I asked.

He looked down at his name tag and pointed to the 'l.'

"BIG line!" he replied happily.

To have these adorable, happy preschool moments with this child is a dream.
I cannot believe that he is here.

What an amazing miracle he is.
That's Miles,
with an M,
and an I,
and a Big Line.