Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tradition is to put up the Children's Tree each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We call it the Children's Tree because all of the ornaments were either 1) made by the children or 2) given to the children; and ALL of them are unbreakable by children (well, I suppose they could ruin a few, but it would take more than accidentally dropping one.)

We asked Miles and Keenan if they have ever seen a Christmas tree. I'm pretty sure they had one once at the orphanage, but neither boy had a memory of a Christmas tree.

This tree was the first tree our boys have ever decorated. They were awestruck. Cliff and I were pretty much choking back tears the entire time. I still get choked up thinking about how ALL of my children decorated our Children's Tree this year.

The boys were joyous.

Atticus and Paloma love decorating the tree. Continuously being forced to stop to smile for the camera however, not so much. Their perma-grin evidenced their "putting up with" Mom and the camera.

Sometimes my Hatfield surprises me with a sweet, child-like moment like this.

She put on the Christmas skirt as a skirt and had fun twirling around while Dad tried to find which #(*@*!* light on the strand of 250 lights was the burnt out one.

He never found it, the poor guy. But I encouraged him to drown his frustration in a holiday Grasshopper. 'Tis the season to be jolly, after all.

The Cardinal Rule of the Children's Tree is that once an ornament is placed on the tree, it CANNOT be moved. It doesn't matter if Po or Keenan placed all of their ornaments on a single small branch or that 95% of the ornanments reside in a 3 foot section of the tree.

Every single one of those ornaments and their placement are precious, and I'll be darned if a single one is moved.

Of course, this year the tree is so front heavy with ornaments, it will be a Christmas Miracle if it doesn't tip over and bean someone on the head this year.

The top of the tree, by comparison, is a Minimalist's dream.

Paloma placed the star on the tree this year, with Daddy's help.

Afterwards, all the children cuddled on the couch in jammies to gaze at the tree, eat candy canes (because what's Christmas with a new cavity or two?) and watch Santa Clause 2, which quite possibly is the second worst holiday movie ever, after Santa Clause 3.

But that's okay, because the kids loved it anyways.


Rachel said...

I saw your blog and wanted to say hi! My husband is Chamorro, too. We have three boys, and we are adopting 2 girls from Haiti. My husband is in the Air Force, and we live in Nebraska for now. Just thought we had quite a bit in common, cause I don't see many Chamorro's adopting from Haiti at least.

Melanie said...

This post makes me cry! How many times have you dreamed this dream, huh?!? Wow! How awesome...just wondering who is going to be more excited about Christmas morning - Mom and Dad or the kids?! How wonderful to think this is the very first of many more fabulous holiday memories...for this year and many more to come! And wait until you take the boys sledding!?

love ya, Mel