Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Subtitled: Where's the darn "re-set" button?

The Mister and I had a wonderful trip away. We had a blast at the Warehouse Run (I'm typing from our new homeschool Aspire One Notebook--back in the land of home internet access after a 5 month sabatical- hooray!). We lounged in a jacuzzi, napped, ate at great restaurants, toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I finished two books.

Now, we are paying in spades.

We deceived ourselves when we returned home to two tired, but happy, Grandmas and five smiley kids thinking that everything would return to normal. My mom and Grandma Sandy and Uncle Elmo and Hatfield were AWESOME and handled everything from the basement outlet that caught on fire (seriously) to the boys' unbridled hyperactivity with great aplomb and grace.
But the second the Grandmas departed, it happened. The obvious need for a major detoxing from the Double Dose of Grandma Spoiling and the need for reinstituting a level of normalcy and order for the little boys, who were obviously getting a bit of payback in for us leaving them.

Miles has been pretty good. A bit of testing and some bullying Po and Keenan. Nothing we haven't seen before and can't handle.

But Keenan. Oh me, oh my. This little guy seems to have forgotten EVERY single boundary and rule that was in place. Can you spell D-I-V-A? I think I have mentioned before that when he came home, it was very obvious that he was mega-spoiled at the orphanage. I think he had such a hard adjustment because although here he had love and hugs and kisses and individual attention, he couldn't do what he wanted, when he wanted. And whining didn't work. And no one found sassiness cute.

Now it seems we are back to where we began with him. Whining, sassing, and refusing to follow rules. My favorite is when I ask him a question like, Mommy just told you to brush your teeth after breakfast, yet here you are taking ornaments off the tree. What do you need to do now after breakfast? and he stares at me with a completely blank--I mean, blank as in there is nothing back there behind his eyes--and says nothing and acts like he's never heard a single word in English.
The teacher has walked him out to me 2 of the 3 days they have been back. He's back to touching everything in the room, grabbing toys from other children and talking whenever he wants to.


Can I just say that I hate the sinking feeling I get in my stomach when I see the teacher lead one of my children out to me by the hand at the end of their school day? Encouraging news never follows.
But for all that we're going through, the break was every bit worth it. I came back feel refreshed and ready to deal with all these little guys can throw at me. Bring it on, little ones, and I'm just going to love and hug on you back (and then vent about it on the internet, lol!).
Still, I just can't help but think that Life would be so much easier if you could just "Contol + Alt+ Delete" your children to reset them.


Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder how they behave when I've taken care of them for the day (like on a weekend).

"Dad, can we have chocolate for breakfast?"

"Sure kids. Just let me watch my tv in peace. Can you bring me some chocolate too?"

When you come home from an afternoon of shopping and I take off to watch grown men pummel each other in a cage, do they behave? Or or they in need of daddy detox?

I better hide the chocolate. It might even help with the waist 36 (okay, waist 39) figure.....

-Mr. Oops

Sawatzky family said...

Glad to hear of the successful get a way!
I will be praying for retun to normal for you guys now lol ;0
I often wish for a reset button!