Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Folly

As of this morning, after several people contacted me, inquiring about my lack of Christmas Cards, I was effectively guilted/flattered into doing them up. I never got around to sending out adoption announcements, so I thought this would kill the proverbial two birds with one photo card and accompanying family newsletter (yes, I'm a huge dork. A perfectionist dork, because if I'm going to allow myself to be flattered/guilted into making up a photo card, you know I'm going to go the whole nine yards and write the darn letter too.)

Initially, I thought I'd have all the kids outside in the snow holding up the Haitian flag for our card. But the Mister effectively nixed that idea when he informed me that the card would insult his family because it would be missing the Guamanian flag.

Well, if I put the Guamanian flag in, then by the same principle I would have to put the American flag in the picture as well in case I might insult the patriotic Americans we're sending cards to as well. And then I'd have to include a letter of apology to my German and Polish grandparents. And my Canadian friends too. 'Cause I don't have any of those flags.

I suddenly saw the whole flag idea roll into a sort of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie kind of problem.

Know what I figured in the end? I just can't fit 5 kids and 3 huge flags into a photo for a Christmas card. Go figure.

So I got all huffy and said, "Fine! I'll just do a boring old card of kids in front of the fireplace." (How's that for some Christmas spirit?! Shame on me, I know!)

Because as I now know after nearly 35 years of living on the planet, If you can't make everyone happy with your original and witty Christmas Card idea, go with the ol' tried and true kids-with-plastered-on-grins-sitting-in-front-of-a-fireplace. Everyone loves that.

To make it all the more interesting (and tortuous) I decided it would be FUN (talk about a complete momentary lapse of reasoning!) to try and include the dogs in the photos. We tried to get the cats too, but Lily was pissy and gave Miles a boxing, so we decided to nix the cats.

One of our initial attempts to include all three dogs.
Miles is already thinking that it's not a good idea.

Now Miles is thinking that this is a HORRIBLE idea.
After numerous attempts, Paloma begins laughing hysterically because Mom then gets a somewhat decent picture, only to have it ruined by a shot of Iris the cat's butt. Not a bad photo otherwise. Thank goodness the butt is in the lower left part of the photo, because a cropped version of the photo went on the card.

Every time I said, "Smile!" Keenan gave this smile.
So finally I said, Tickle Keenan! And I got this great smile.

you can't tell if Paloma is trying to tickle Keenan's neck,
or strangle him.

It's anyone's guess, really.

Anyways, after this whole ordeal, I am SO happy that tonight the Mister and I shall continue our tradition of letting Tom and Jerry help us wrap the Christmas gifts. Every year, the Mister whips up some mean Tom and Jerry's, and we wrap up all the presents.

s our consumption goes up, our skills go down. And really, who cares if the presents look like we let Paloma wrap them? All that paper ends up crumpled on the floor anyways.


Sawatzky family said...

Funny stuff here Miss Sarah! lol
We are only sending ou our cards in the New Year because of my lack of ordering them on time! I hope we get one of yours! ;b
I am also formally requesting your address!...again
I still plan on that phonecall...I am thinking after the New Year though! lol

Anonymous said...

What can I say? The pic with the rear view of the cat is a hoot!

Can't wait to see the card pic.


mama bear said...

We have many pics like that, especially when we include the dogs. By the way, we have a beagle that looks a lot like yours!

Stephanie said...

That is one photogenic feline anus!

The kids look GREAT!


Lisa said...

Too cute and very funny! A sweet group, cat's butt and all!

mary said...

Beautiful photos with or without the flags! LOL! The bottom line is they are who they are "Cruz's" and one big happy family! Our very best to each and everyone and may the Holidays bring you all joy and happines. Love, Mom,Dad & family!
Merry X-mas!